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Migrating users over to Office 365 using IMAPS - Possible timout

[Stack-Henihan, Robert-Stephen]
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Robert-Stephen Stack-Henihan - 06:50am, Apr 18 2013

Version: MDaemon Pro 13.0.5

We are doing test migrations of users from MDaemon to Office 365. The Office 365 system sets up an IMAP connection (in this case securely) and downloads all email from MDaemon.
We are noticing that the downloaded email will stop at a point (never the same point) after some time (a number of hours) reporting a failure to connect. These accounts are years old and have tens of thousands of emails in the Inbox alone.
We are looking at a possible timeout on the MDaemon server and I was wondering if there is somewhere that I should extend or disable a timeout setting.

Currently the only three areas that I think an IMAP setting like this might have an impact are:
Setup, Default/Domain Servers, Default Domain & Servers, Timeouts, IMAP sessions timeout after - 40 inactive minutes
Setup, Default/Domain Servers, Default Domain & Servers, Timeouts, Latency - 125 approx.
Setup, Default/Domain Servers, Default Domain & Servers, Sessions, Max concurrent IMAP sessions - 100

The last test stopped about 6,500 emails through a 12,000 item inbox for 4 hrs 6 mins with the error "We couldn't communicate with the server for this account". I have been looking for a 240 minutes timeout but can't see one. Obviously we could have had network issues or something else so I am just querying what settings MDaemon might have that could be impacting on this. If none, fair enough and I'll revert to Microsoft.

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anamitra sharma - Mar 16, 2016 2:42 am (#4 Total: 9)  


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anamitra sharma
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For such MDaemon to Office 365 migration I am not suggesting to go with any free tool and for MDaemon Outlook synchronization method. For such big migration I am suggesting to use third party tool like MDaemon Migration tool that allows you to migrate all your data from MDaemon Mail sever to new server like Outlook Exchange server, Outlook 365. For More Details: http://www.birdiesoftware.com/mdaemon-migrator/

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Christian Stewart - Jun 6, 2018 12:11 am (#5 Total: 9)  


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Christian Stewa…
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You can try RecoveryTools MDaemon Migrator software which provides a direct option to import MDaemon mailbox to Office 365 account instantly. There is no complex procedure to perform MDaemon to Office 365 migration. Users only need to select MDaemon users mailbox files and then choose Office 365 or Outlook.com option from the list of select saving format.
The software will later ask the users for their Office 365 account login credentials. Just insert Office 365 username & Password, and then click on convert button. The software will instantly initialize performing MDaemon to Office 365 Migration. You can grab this utility from here:



Steve Smith - Apr 2, 2019 8:22 am (#6 Total: 9)  


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Steve Smith
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Hi There,
In order to migrate MDaemon to Office 365, I will recommend you to go for one of the best tool i.e. ZOOK MDaemon Cloud to Office 365 Migration Tool.
It is one of the best and the reliable solution for users to import MDaemon to Office 365 account along with embedded data items. It is a simple and efficient solution for users to export MDaemon Cloud to Office 365 account without any data loss.
Just follow the simple steps to convert MDaemon to Office 365: -
 1. Download the tool in your system.
 2. Select MDaemon Cloud Option.
 3. Set Saving Option as Office 365.
 4. Click on Backup Button.
That's it!!!!!! Your MDaemon Cloud data will be exported to Office 365 account.

For More Info: - https://www.zooksoftware.com/blog/mdaemon-to-office-365/

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Mark Christopher - Dec 7, 2019 6:00 am (#7 Total: 9)  


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Mark Christophe…
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Visit on this https://turgs.com/backup/email/ page to know the complete procedure to migrate Office 365 to MDaemon. Email Backup Tool is one of the best application to migrate emails from Office 365 to MDaemon account directly.

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Emily Jensen - Jun 30, 2020 7:06 am (#8 Total: 9)  


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Emily Jensen
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To migrate MDaemon to Office 365, you can go for CubexSoft MDaemon Converter Tool. A complete secure, reliable and one of the easiest solution to migrate MDaemon multiple users to Office 365 environment. It directly move MDaemon emails, contacts, calendar and other items to Office 365 account directly without altering the data originality. Follow the steps and see how it instantly performs the batch migration process:

Step 1. Download and run MDaemon Converter on Windows PC.
Step 2. Click on Select Files/Select Folder and load MDaemon files or folders as per need.
Step 3. Software start listing MDaemon items with checkboxes. You can use the checkbox to select the desired files that are needed for migration process.
Step 4. Go to Select Saving Option button and select Office 365
Step 5. Enter Office 365 login details and set filters as well as other options for specific MDaemon migration.
Step 6. At last, click on Connect button to initiate the process.

Now, tool will quickly start the process and move each and every item of MDaemon into Office 365 directly. Use the free demo version of the tool now that allows to move first 25 files from each folder free of cost.

For more, visit: https://www.cubexsoft.com/mdaemon/ https://www.cubexsoft.com/mdaemon/


Steve Smith - May 16, 2021 7:48 am (#9 Total: 9)  


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Steve Smith
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Replying to: Magnus Kolmodin (Jun 12, 2013 8:56 am)
Hello! Did you get this resolved? I have the exact same problem. If I use the migration tool in Office...

While searching on Google, I have got this Mails Backup Tool which allows to take backup of emails from various online email accounts in few moments. Moreover, the tool allows user to save backup of emails to 30+ saving options.

Source: https://www.mailsbackup.com/

I hope this will help you too!!

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