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Need advise on project to fix mdeamon server with a min downtime

[Karpas, Andrius]
Andrius Karpas
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Andrius Karpas - 04:26am, Oct 1 2018

Ok we have gone in to problem were we have only 8% of storage left on Mdeamon server.
So Mdeamon was installed on hyper-V virtual machine and snapshot were allowed as well. So basically Mdeamon got 1Tb of volume on physical server for Hyper-V hosts and virtual drives and no more option we have to expand this volume as its on Hardware raid 10.

So as snapshots were enabled we got tree virtual disks: Parent disk, differencing to parent and differencing disk to first differencing disk. So basically I should merge differencing disk to differencing disk to make one and then i may delete the snapshot. But I have no spase to do it. Where is a way yo move avhdx files to other storage on the same system and try to merge them but this doesn't guarantee its not going to fail and merge time would be up to 10h as disks are up to 300Gb of space. To merge VM has to be down. So this downtime isn't acceptable.

So I'm just thinking if i would copy entire Mdeamon structure as a backup and then delete all those differencing disks leaving just Parent main disk.
So i would free up over 600Gb of data. So then i would update server just to be it up to date as if i will delete differencing disks VM will be at the stage it was created.

So next i would renaim outdated Mdeamon main forlder to MdeamonOLD or delete it at all and would bring back the entire folder structure i have in the backup.

Would it work as i think it would be fastest way to fix the problem with space on the volume.

Any advise is much appreciated.

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Tyler Davis - Oct 5, 2018 2:21 pm (#1 Total: 1)  

Alt-N Technical Support  

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Tyler Davis
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MDaemon is very versatile in regards to migrating, backing up, and restoring the software and data. The article below details the various ways to backup MDaemon and how to restore a backed up copy of MDaemon.


If you perform the backup and restructure your environment to suit your space requirements, you can restore the backed up data, install MDaemon over top, and start MDaemon.

If you're creating a new environment, you can copy data to the new location first without deactivating the original server to minimize downtime. Simple commands such as Robocopy or xcopy, or any other replication tool, could be used to copy data created in the original user directories, public folders, and/or archives from the time the original migration was performed to the new environment.

Using robocopy as an example, see the external link below for details and syntax.

Leave installing and starting MDaemon in the new environment to the very end, after the original server has been deactivated, to prevent any activation issues.

If you are changing directory path in the new environment, you'll want to review steps 4, 5, and 6 in the article below, as there are configuration files will need to be updated.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Tyler Davis
MDaemon Technologies

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support and discussion. MDaemon staff members may participate in the
forums periodically but please recognize that this is not the official
method of receiving technical support. To receive personal technical
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