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Autocomplete cache

[Rasca, Luca]
Luca Rasca
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Luca Rasca - 03:26am, Jul 3 2020

Hi, is Outlook Connector able to sinc/store the autocomplete cache of Outlook 10 (or higher) in Mdaemon as, for my knowledge, Exchange does?

Thank you

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David C - Jul 7, 2020 8:18 pm (#1 Total: 2)  


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David C
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No. What you describe is not currently possible with Outlook/MDaemon Connector. I believe that the "autocomplete" data is stored in the "localcache.db" file used by MDaemon connector, but that information is not synchronized with the MDaemon server.

This feature has previously been wish listed. I cannot say in what future version of Outlook Connector that this feature request will be implemented or even if it will be implemented. One can review the release notes of new releases of Outlook Connector to see if it has been implemented.

MDaemon Connector Plug-in Release notes (current version):
  • http://files.altn.com/outlookconnector/release/relnotes_en.html

  • Tony Burtovoy - Jul 24, 2020 9:18 pm (#2 Total: 2)  


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    Tony Burtovoy
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    Outlook nickname (autocomplete) cache files are not part of localcache.db (I don't think). I've always been able to manipulate the actual data files in the users %appdata% folder.

  • I am unsure of Office 365, but the notes below should work at least up to Outlook 2016.


    I believe you can simply copy these .NK2 files into new windows user profile folders to 'restore' caches (been awhile since I've used old Outlook versions though)


    If you rebuild your Windows user profile, or your Outlook email profile, then your "stream_autocomplete" file will restart with zero length and a new ID (the ??? part). Luckily the old one will still be there and you can tell them apart by their file-sizes and last-mod-dates. When I need to 'restore' a stream_autocomplete cache, I do these steps:

    1. Once outlook profile is rebuilt, close Outlook and open the above folder
    2. Identify the stream_autocomplete with zero-size and newest last mod date (reverse sort the column by date) - this is the one that you will overwrite
    3. Identify the stream_autocomplete with a large-size and "2nd to newest" last mod date - this is the one that you want to backup/restore
    4. Copy the non-zero one (step #3) to your desktop (or someplace convenient)
    5. Right-click and rename the zero-size one (step #2), but don't actually rename it; just COPY it's filename to the clipboard using CTRL-C
    6. Whereever you copied the backup/restore file from #3 (desktop), right-click and rename that and PASTE (CTRL-V) so that it has the same filename as the zero-size file.
    7. Copy the newly renamed backup/restore file from your desktop into the RoamCache folder and overwrite the zero-size file thats there
    8. Open Outlook and send a test message to anyone, or simply yourself.
    9. Close Outlook then re-open Outlook
    10. Try another new message again just to test AutoComplete


    Note: #8,#9 & #10 are oddly needed to make Outlook recognize the new data. Don't ask me why, but Outlook will have trouble recognizing things until you send at least one test message.

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