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Mailbox-specific stats reporting

[Kubas, Daniel]
Daniel Kubas
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Daniel Kubas - 08:18am, Mar 18 2020


There are reporting capabilities available in MDaemon Remote Admin - for example Inbound/Outbound Email -> Top Recipients/Senders, that contain information for Top15 users.

Is there any way to get similar results of number received/sent emails for all users?

I know it takes it's information from MDaemon-Statistics.db3 file, that contains data from last 30 days.

Can we customize the Report created by MDaemon, or use any other tools to read comprehensive data from that .db3 file?

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Daniel Kubas
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Tyler Davis - Mar 19, 2020 8:03 am (#1 Total: 1)  

Alt-N Technical Support  

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Tyler Davis
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Outlook Connector
The database files is an SQLite database format. MDaemon records the information listed in the reporting menu (below) to the MDaemon-Statistics.db3 in the /MDaemon/StatsDB directory. A customized report option isn't possible as all data available is in the reporting menu.

A feature request has been submitted to our development team on expanding the reporting done in Remote Administration. This is being considered for a future version of MDaemon. At the moment, the only options are what's available in the reporting menu.

Enhanced bandwidth reporting
Inbound vs. Outbound messages
Good messages vs. Junk messages (percentage of email that is spam or a virus)
Inbound messages processed
Top recipients by number of messages
Top recipients by message size
Outbound messages processed
Top senders by number of messages
Top senders by message size
Top spam sources (domains)
Top recipients of spam
Viruses blocked, by time
Viruses blocked, by name

Alternatively, the MDaemon Queue and Statistics Manager has a Log Page section where SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 logs can be parsed into a sort-able, list view. It will give an idea on the mail flow on the server when reviewing the SMTP-(in) and SMTP-(out) log files.


Tyler Davis
MDaemon Technologies

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