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Outlook Online connector?

[Weel, S.]
S. Weel
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S. Weel - 07:50am, Jan 7 2019

I'm looking at MDaemon as a replacement for our Exchange 2010 server. The preferred client is Outlook - 2013 in our case. I installed the demo version of MDaemon and the Outlook Connector. Currently, we have Outlook configured as 'online' with Exchange, users are prohibited to use Outlook in offline mode. So there are no PST files involved.

MDaemon / Outlook Connector uses a different approach, as I understand, it stores the mail etc. on both the mail server AND a PST file for each user. This has me puzzled - why would you store the data in a local PST file when it's already stored on the server?

Thing is - I don't like PST files. In my experience, they complicate things. The size limit being an example. So I wonder how you people handle the inherent problems PST files bring?

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Tony Burtovoy - Apr 10, 2019 10:16 am (#3 Total: 3)  


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Tony Burtovoy
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As I understand it, OC has a typical folder on the local PC, in "%appdata%/roaming/alt-n/(outlook connectorXXX)/(PROFILENAME)/(EmailAddress)" (insert your own values as necessary).

In that folder, there's a CONFIG.XML which points to LOCALCACHE.DB and a folder cache for ATTACHMENTS, which default to the same location, but can be moved by editing CONFIG.XML (never move CONFIG.XML however). I like to edit CONFIG.XML to point to C:/EMAIL, then I can have multiple Windows logon profiles all point to the same OC store at an 'easy-to-get-to' location (useful in my case because I have multiple logons on the same PC).

LOCALCACHE.DB is some 3rd party database and stores all of your mail, but possibly only opened mail depending on your setting for "Download Headers Only". The ATTACHMENTS folder is a cache of previously opened attachments. *If you ever have any corruption, you can delete LOCALCACHE.DB and ATTACHMENTS folder to repair things. OC will rebuild these next time you reopen Outlook, but then you'll have to reset many of your settings.

The Outlook Nickname cache (Outlook 2013+) is stored in %APPDATA%/local/microsoft/outlook/roamcache with a filename beginning "Stream_Autocomplete". If you ever delete LOCALCACHE.DB and ATTACHMENTS as a repair strategy and you want your old nickname cache back, you should visit the ROAMCACHE folder and copy the largest/newest (by size) "Stream_Autocomplete" file. Save it somewhere else... then open your repaired Outlook and send a test mail.. then exit outlook. This will rebuild your STREAM_AUTOCOMPLETE file with a new suffix. After that, copy the filename of the new STREAM_AUTOCOMPLETE file. Then rename the old/saved STREAM_AUTOCOMPLETE file with the new filename..... then just copy the old/renamed file over top of the one in ROAMCACHE. next time you open Outlook, your nickname cache will be restored.

Outlook can optionally also open and use 1 or more PST files, but that has nothing to do with OC. Thats just Outlook managing other things besides the OC data store. I like to setup autoarchive to move old OC mails into a local PST file (or one one a mapped network drive) after about 7 days or so . Keep your OC datastore as small as is comfortable and it will always perform well............. but if you let your inbox grow to 10,000 old emails.. you can expect everything to run slow.

One note on deleting LOCALCACHE.DB and ATTACHMENTS. If you do this, it may mess up your Outlook address book settings. You will likely have to go into Windows Control Panel-)MAIL32 and open your Outlook Address Book settings. In my world, I just delete anything in the list... then re-open Outlook.. Switch to folder-view... then visit each Contacts Book (local, public, etc) rightclick-)Properties-)Outlook Address Book (checkbox=true).. then back in the Outlook ribbon, go to ADDRESS BOOK-)Tools-)Options to readjust your search order and default book.

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