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19.5.0 Problems

[Hollyman, Chris]
Chris Hollyman
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Chris Hollyman - 05:00am, Oct 18 2019


I have just upgraded to 19.5 and run into some weird problems. My server is 2012R2, 32GB, i7 multiple SSD. I utilise IIS as a front end provider. I also use CertifyTheWeb to provide LetsEncrypt SSL. MD is installed to C under default conditions.

So I first noticed In the Plugins Tab that “c:\mdaemon\app\mddp.dll” could not load. To fix I copied over from the ISAPI folder to at least get it working, which it seemed to. I restarted Mdaemon and no errors and the autodiscovr server was responding.

Secondly I am getting this error in the logs:
191018 194927017 W [00001DEE] 0x81310170 Unable to authorize additional accounts, available license count is insufficient.
191018 194927017 W [00001DEE] 0x81310030 Account does not have permission to use ActiveSync
I have 250 license AS and am using 33 of them.

Thirdly I don’t get any information in the Plug-ins\Activesync or MDaemon Discovery Proocol or the AutoDiscovery tabs anymore. Is this just a setting?

Fourth on the list is if I enable Advanced Management Options in the Mobile Device Management Screen and Apply/OK it does not save the option or give me advanced options.

Fifth is I am getting lots of Client Expired Key from iphones. I have had this before and thought it was just isolated emails but for some clients it’s happening often and resync their devices when it does.

That’s it for the moment. I hope you can give me some insight as to what maybe happening.


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Arron.Caruth@mdaemon.com - Oct 22, 2019 7:16 am (#5 Total: 15)  

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3). In MDaemon, under Setup / Server Settings / Logging / Log Mode, Do you have the options selected to “Log everything into separate files based on date” or is one of the other radio buttons selected? If its one of the other radio buttons, which one?


Is an MDDP-$DATE$.log file being created? Is any data logged to the log file?

Is an AutoDiscover-$DATE$.log file being created? Is any data logged to the log file?


4). Are you changing the setting using the MDaemon configuration session or MDaemon Remote Administration? Please verify that the account that MDaemon is running as, and the account the configuration session is running as have full control of the MDaemon\Data\ directory. By default MDaemon runs as the localsystem account and the configuration session should be running as the user you are logged in as when you start the configuration session. If you are attempting to make the change from MDaemon Remote Administration, and it is configured to run in IIS, then the Identity of the application pool will need access to the directory along with the IUSR account.


5). Please send me AirSync logs that show the errors occurring along with MSG files that I can use to reproduce the issue. If you send the airsync log for an entire day, please let me know the user and device the issue is occurring with. If you prefer you can send this information to me privately, arron@altn.com.



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Hi Arron,

Thanks for looking into these issues. I have upgraded from 19.0.3 to 19.5.0

1. I have looked at the plugins.dat and dynscrn,mdasmgmt,mddp and mdpgp all point to app folder. I will update MDDP to reflect new folder.

2. I havent seen any further license issues since deleting keys and reinserting them.

3. So I had issue with default document (worldclient.dll) and fixed that. I also have added a ?oMDDP.dll Script Map? in the MDDP IIS Application which cleared up the download mddp.dll when i visited the https://FQDN/mddp. I am presented with logon request now. The live logs still do not appear. All services including IIS were restarted. The Airsync log actually has data but i dont know where the other logs for MDDP and discovery appear.

4. I have checked the airsync.ini and noticed that the state of the EnableAdvancedMgmtOptions does not change when I modify through the GUI. It does not seem to matter whether the key is yes/no in that the GUI does not update either way. And restarting does not seem to make any difference.

5. This one does not seem to go away but also only seems to affect a few users. Once a ?osync key expired? occurs it will continue to occur until some or all of the emails that are listed after the error are removed. The sync will resume once the affected emails are removed. If those emails are returned the sync key error will most likely occur again. I have also noticed there are two types of sync expired errors. One that usually lists a folder (CI-00009) and one that lists email msgs. The folder one doesnt seem to affect emails being downloaded.


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Chris Hollyman - Oct 27, 2019 6:27 pm (#6 Total: 15)  


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Chris Hollyman
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I have been working through these issues, thanks to your assistance. I know you have been helping with the Worldclient issues as well with instructions for IIS in another thread.

3. I am still unable to get any live plugins information through the server console. When I go to the Plugins Tab only Dynamic Screening has live information being displayed.


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