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Programmatic Access To Calendar Data From .NET

Hi, I'd like to create/read/update/delete a MDaemon users calendar events (appointments) in an automated way from a C#.NET application running on a computer that is not the same computer that MDaemon is running on.

I contacted tech support from the vendor that sold MDaemon to my client but they told me to post in the community forums because the dev(s) monitors the forums and that would be the best hope to get an answer to my query.

The use case is that a business that I've written custom management software for is using MDaemon and they want me to automatically create appointments in each users MDaemon calendar to sync up with the appointments stored in my custom software, which is also pushing those appointments to a google calendar successfully.

In looking through posts here and the documentation i first thought i could write a C# wrapper around the MDCalendar.dll C++ (COM?) library, however the documentation in the MDaemon\API\MDCalendar.html folder is incomplete and i couldn't find an online reference.
I also see here that there is an XML API but in looking at the .htm files in the XML API folder i don't see any reference to calendar events.
I did notice that the events appear to be stored in MDaemon\User\Domain\User\Calendar.imap, in the Calendar.mrk file and can be parsed, however i'm not sure it's safe to edit that file directly to create/edit events.

My question is what is the best method, if any, to interact with the MDaemon calendar programmatically?

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Keith Personett (apparently) - Feb 5, 2020 3:53 pm (#11 Total: 11)  

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Keith Personett
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I can see about making a change for Version 20 which is about to go to beta.


As far as any version prior to that, it would have to be a One-Off private build, IF I was even allowed to publish a post 19.5.4 update.


When you make an edit via your software, you retain/store the new lastModified timestamp that the response returns, correct?



                           <Item action="change" path="PRIVATE/Calendar" ID="1" lastModified="2020-02-05T20:41:21.779Z"/>


As long as any subsequent “get” action returns a value that doesn’t match precisely, down to the millisecond, the one returned in the response to the change or put action, then it was updated externally since/after your software last edited it.


I tend to use UTC for as much as possible, since one doesn’t always know where a client making the request is located. We have some legacy code in other modules that still use the server’s local time for things like this, which makes it impossible for a client to render an accurate representation of when an item was last updated since the server doesn’t always know the time zone of the client making the request.

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