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Messages randomly not accessible to random users

[Reinoehl, Parrish]
Parrish Reinoeh…
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Parrish Reinoehl - 10:29pm, Feb 28 2020

I'm having a very strange problem that we haven't been able to resolve. I have been working with Alt-N support but we can't nail down the cause.
So, hopefully, someone here might have some ideas.
We are running Mdaemon 19.5.4 on a Server 2012 box. It is a 32bit install.
We are having an issue where a random user is unable to access their messages either via IMAP or Webmail. The user that is affected appears to be completely random. The frequency of this happening seems to be a few times per week.
What they will notice is that Outlook will stop receiving new messages. They can send messages without any issue. If they log in via Webmail it will allow them to log in but it will not display any messages (although it does show the total number of messages present in the account). When I look at the Mdaemon sessions I can see they are logged in so this is not an issue with the user or IP being blacklisted (and I have verified their IP address is not showing up in any blacklists).
I have to stop and then restart the Mdaemon service. As soon as I do that, and immediately after Mdaemon starts back up, all of their emails will load in to Outlook (Outlook is configured using IMAP). Webmail will also now display all of their messages.
I have verified that the entire Mdaemon directory and subdirectories are excluded from the antivirus (which is Avast CloudCare). The user folders are in their standard location within the Mdaemon directory and it is located on the C: drive of the server (so not on a NAS or anything like that).
I have sent various log files to Alt-N support but nothing is showing up as being a problem.
My users are growing extremely impatient with this. Does anyone have any ideas of what else I should be looking at?
This customer was previously on an old version, 16.5, and was experiencing this issue maybe once per month or so. I renewed their Mdaemon support contract so we could upgrade them to 19.5.4 in the hopes it would resolve the trouble. But, in actuality, it's made the trouble much more prominent as it now happens a few times (or more) per week.

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kwfoo@hovid.com - May 11, 2020 8:04 pm (#13 Total: 24)  


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This seem like the problem that I am facing where out of sudden a user report he cannot access/download his email (both WorldClient and ThunderBird IMAP) also cannot.

When I drill down to the user mailbox folder and trying to copy a file into it and found the file show and disappear immediately. There are also a case where I can't even use Windows Explorer to open the folder.

After that what we did is to perform Windows Scan Disk and found that there are a errors detected which require repair. After we repair it and the problem solved, user able to retrieve the emails and some users report receive some old emails that is to other users. Personally I also receive some emails with header and believe this is the side effect of the scan disk error even after repair.

This problem does not solve 100%, the same problem keep happening from time to time which is very frustrated to the user and myself. I did post to support by feedback that this is file system issue.

BTW, we are running MD in Windows 2016, Virtual Machine, MD latest version. It should not cause by physical hard disk issue cause we didn't find any error in the VM and Storage logs.

Till today, we still facing this problem and no clue what can we do. Off and on when I perform scan disk (before user report problem), it still encounter error and need to repair.

Only the MDaemon HDD (D:\) is having this problem, the OS HDD (C:\) has no problem at all and both HDD sit in the same VM datastore.

Hope to have more hints to find the root cause of this problem.

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