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Outlook 365 + MDConnector 7.02 + MD 21 - Big problem ...


Since the update of MDaemon server 20.04 to 21 and Outlook Connector 6.52 to 7.02, we are experiencing serious problems, randomly, with deleting email and sending email from Outlook (version 365, build 16.0.13628.20274)

Outlook freeze and crash !

We have disabled add-ins in Outlook = same problem
We have redone the profile => same problem
Reinstalled Office => same problem
Disabled the anti-virus => same problem

There is no exact reason for this problem, it is completely random.
A simple email or an email with an attachment can cause the problem.

To solve the problem, we had to uninstall Outlook Connector 7.02 to put version 6.52 instead.

This is a serious problem, 254 PCs are affected ...

We had never had worries before

Could you help us because we are really affected by this dysfunction.

Thank you

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Service Informatique - Feb 17, 2021 5:32 am (#2 Total: 3)  


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Service Informa…
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hello Tyler, and thank's for your response.

To verify, when sending or deleting email in Outlook, the application crashes?
=> Yes, ramdomly

Does the delete crash only occur when removing mail items? Or calendars and contacts as well?
=> yes, calendars and contacts are not affected

If this is email only, does the issue only occur when deleting mail from a particular folder? Or do you mean deleting mail from the deleted items mail folder?
=> No specific folders, all folders are affected.

Are all MDaemon Connector users located within a LAN or connect over WAN? Does the issue occur in either network if both are used?
=> Lan or Wan,The users are either in Wan (remote site) with very high speed line, 1 Gbs, or in gigabit LAN

Has the localcache.db directory been changed from the default setting?
=> No, it is in the default location

How large are the deleted items folder and sent items folder for the account(s) that's having this issue?
=>For example, one user are : the localcache.db 24,5 Mo , 53 emails in send folder and 98 emails in deleted folder
and in this configuration, they have the issue.
Other users, with large or small mailbox, are affected completely randomly to this issue ...
Currently, this affects exactly 74 users out of 254.
Knowing that all the workstations (254) use exactly the same version of Outlook (version 365, build 16.0.13628.20274),
the same add-ins (MailStore 13 and Mdaemon 7.02)

Is the issue been reported for all users or just this particular account is currently experiencing the issue?
=> 74 users out of 254

If you start Outlook as administrator or in safe mode, are you able to reproduce the issue?
=> Yes, in safe mode, with or without addin, and Whithout AV, admin mode or not

Are there any updates available to the Outlook client?
=> All clients (254) are on Windows 10 20H2 with the latest updates and the latest version of Office365

And finally, the complete uninstallation of MDConnector 7.02 to replace it with 6.52 solves the problem

Tyler Davis - Feb 18, 2021 4:21 pm (#3 Total: 3)  

Alt-N Technical Support  

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Tyler Davis
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Outlook Connector
Accounts of that size don't seem to me a problem. When the clients are started normally, if you select File / Options / Add-ins, are there other add-ins enabled other than the MDaemon Connector? If so, does disabling all plug-ins other than the connector plugin and restarting Outlook as normal still cause the issue to occur?

In regards to the profile, where these newly created Outlook profiles that had the MDaemon Connector account added to them or did the problem profiles contain existing accounts (IMAP/POP3/Exchange/ActiveSync) and the connector account was added second? This normally shouldn't be an issue but may provide some insight as to why the issue is occurring.

Finally, I you open the MDaemon Connector account settings, select the Folders tab. There is a check box labeled "Load IMAP Folders Synchronously." If this option is not checked, enable this, exit Outlook, and restart Outlook. Is there any change?

If none of the above is helpful or produces any different results, please click the support link in my signature and submit a ticket to our support team. Include my name and link to this thread and we can trouble shoot this issue in more detail. Please include a copy of the MDaemon Connector configuration report from one of the clients. Select the MDaemon Connector plug-in in Outlook, click the About icon, and click the Report button to display/save the report.

Tyler Davis
MDaemon Technologies

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