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XML API, API issue with createUser Api

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NIU YUBIN - 04:56am, Jul 19 2021

We used to create mailbox users through “createUser” API before our MDaemon server was updated to version 20.5.0. , after which problems started to occur.
We used the following xml to create a User account test15@wolwobiotech.com in the group ‘wolwoshanghai‘ with several remote Admin settings.

<Request encoding=GB2312 version='20.5.0' echo='Yes' verbose='No'>

With the new 20.5.0 version, we were able to create the user, but the user account wasn't included in the specific group as we required, nor was it included into any group at all. Also, the remoteAdmin setting was not able to function as expected.
The following is the account information of remoteAdmin after we created the user account through the createUser API. We sincerely hope for a prompt solution to this problem.


api_createUser_result.png (668 KB)

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Keith Personett (apparently) - Jul 20, 2021 10:01 am (#3 Total: 3)  

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Keith Personett
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We never released a 20.5 version… Are you sure that it is not version 21.0?


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