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Moving Mdaemon to new server

[Stephan, Stephan]
Stephan Stephan
Posts: 196
Stephan Stephan - 05:52pm, Jul 25 2021

I am attempting to move my mdaemon 19.5.3 to a new server (original server was running windows 7, new server is running Windows 10 Pro. I have read the instructions (remove service, deactivate, copy directory, update mdaemon.ini to new locations, update userlist.dat to new locations, install same version over copied directory structure).

I have two issues..

ONE is that Outlook Connector clients will NOT connect to the new location (IP address updated to point to new server). There is no error message to indicate whats wrong, it just doesnt connect and gives me the retry or work offline dialog


TWO is that the web based admin doesnt work. Going to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:1000 results in an error page. Strangely webmail DOES work. And yes, remote admin is turned on

What am I missing

Thanks, Stephan

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Marlon B - Jul 28, 2021 4:16 pm (#3 Total: 4)  


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Marlon B
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Hello Stephan,

Correct, normally if you are migrating and you have copied the configuration whatever settings you had in the original server should apply on the new server. Sometimes a file might get corrupt and might need to be overwritten when you run the installer on top of the original configuration on the new server. If you are still having issues please open a technical support case so that we may continue to troubleshoot your issue. You can do so here:


Thank you.

Marlon B.

Technical Application Support

MDaemon Technologies

Stephan Stephan - May 19, 2022 2:36 am (#4 Total: 4)  


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Stephan Stephan
Posts: 196
Wells its been just under a year since I was unable to migrate my working server installation to a new machine. I have since created a new computer and have tried the migration again, with the exact same results.

I have followed every step to transfer the files to the new machine, updated the relevant .ini and .dat files with the paths to the new mail folder location and once again, mdaemon starts and appears to be working, and I can use webmail without an issue, but remote administration works ONLY from the same computer as mdaemon is running on. From any other computer on the network (computers that can connect to the old installation without a problem) will not connect due to a connection time out error.

Outlook using outlook connector which works fine on the old installation, will not connect to the new installation (yes, IP addresses to the new server were updated).

Ive opened a support ticket as I am out of ideas as to what is going on and am getting very frustrated by this. This should be a super easy migration, the steps are not hard and I was paying attention and doublechecked everything. Every single thing is the same as the old installation, except for obviously the machine IP and the folder locations.

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