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Shay Walters

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Frozen account acting as disabled - 09:03am Nov 22, 2019 CDT - OK, Thanks for the diagnosis, that's good to know. I'll see if I can make some changes on my end for this because it's causing issues with the rejected emails.

Thanks again,

Frozen account acting as disabled - 07:57am Nov 22, 2019 CDT - Thanks for the attention to the problem Arron. I have sent you another set of files, this time I copied the files out prior to re-enabling the account. I included a screenshot of the account manager showing the account flagged as "Frozen"...

Frozen account acting as disabled - 05:03pm Nov 20, 2019 CDT - In case this mkes any difference... I am using the remote administration (World-Client - Options - Advanced Settings, then under MDaemon Administration, I select Main - My Account - Account Details.

If I manually freeze the account, it behaves the way it should...

Frozen account acting as disabled - 04:56pm Nov 20, 2019 CDT -

The next time this happens you can confirm this > by going to Accounts / Account Manager, select
 > the account and click edit. Which radio button
 > is selected for the account Status?

I can confirm that right now, that the account manager radio button for "Account is Frozen" is checked every time this happens...

Frozen account acting as disabled - 02:35am Nov 20, 2019 CDT - Thanks Arron,
    I am sending you a ZIP file with those files in it to your email listed in your signature.



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