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Attachment handling does not work with ZIP within a ZIP - 08:42am Aug 25, 2015 CDT - Hello,

it seems scammers are sending mails with ZIP files containing a ZIP file with a SCR file in order to pass through simpler content filters.

Even with the "Check for restricted files within ZIP attachments" enabled in MDaemon, these attachments are passed through the filter.

One would suppose that the option would work in a way that would recursively check all ZIP files it would encounter, not just the first one...

Sort by conversation - 08:56am Jan 30, 2012 CDT - I would like to "bump" this in the hopes of getting the priority of this increased enough for anyone to even notice it.

The Conversation view (along with the conversation management tools) is one of the key features in newer Outlook versions ( Outlook 2010 features and benefits ) and with this feature "enabled", Outlook Connector is unfortunately completely unusable in Outlook 2010.

It's been 18 months since the release of Outlook 2010 and almost 30 months since the beta (which I'm sure you had access to), and I'm not sure what to think of that...


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