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Outlook 2016 and OC 3.5.1 - 10:33am Oct 22, 2015 CDT - I removed my 64-bit client and reinstalled and it worked. I think the client was installed prior to outlook and re-installing after outlook was installed didn't add the client to outlook. I needed to uninstall and reinstall to get the client into outlook.

Outlook 2016 and OC 3.5.1 - 10:33am Oct 22, 2015 CDT - We are running OC 3.5.1 x64 and trying to setup Office 365 (ie..outlook 2016) x64 clients. The outlook connector is not appearing in the list of available clients in outlook when setting up a new account. According to this

[15826] fix 64-bit OC client installer will not install on Outlook 2016 64-bit

Outlook 2016 x64 is supported...

64-bit Outlook Connector msi installer - 01:17pm Mar 24, 2015 CDT - Is there a 64-bit msi installer available for outlook connector client 3.0? I see the clients available from alt-n and there's a 32-bit and 64-bit .exe, however only a single .msi file. I'm assuming the .msi is 32-bit...

64-bit MDaemon - 03:46pm Mar 19, 2015 CDT - We currently run MDaemon 14.0? on W2K3 32-bit. We'd like to migrate to Windows Server 2012 64-bit and run the new 64-bit version of MDaemon...

Email Signature - 11:35am Jan 19, 2015 CDT - Ok, I originally replied back and said that this didn't work. However, I was mistaken. It is appending the HTML to the body of the email and the signature is appearing correctly when the email is formatted as HTML text...


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