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Trying to delete a contact - 02:29am Sep 13, 2021 CDT - Hi Arron,

shame on me... Thank you.

Kind regards,


> Am 10.09.2021 um 18:56 schrieb Arron Caruth <Arron.Caruth@mdaemon.com>:
> The request is missing a "/" at the end of the <Item>...

Trying to delete a contact - 07:26am Sep 13, 2021 CDT - Hello,<div class=3D""><br class=3D=
""></div><div class=3D"">we're using the api to delete a public contact, if=
 it's delete from our ERP-System.</div><div class=3D""><br class=3D""></div=
><div class=3D"">This worked when we started the development in MD-Version =
19.5.6.</div><div class=3D""><br class=3D""></div><div class=3D"">We're on =
MD 21.0.3 now and when we delete a contact, we get this http response from =
the api:</div><div class=3D""><br class=3D""></div><div class=3D"">"The Req=
uest does not comply with the Management Server Specification."</div><div c=
lass=3D""><br class=3D""></div><div class=3D"">We're sending this message:<=
/div><div class=3D""><br class=3D""></div><div class=3D"">&lt;MDaemon&gt;<b=
r class=3D"">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &lt;API&gt;<br class=3D"">&nbsp; &nbsp; &=
nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &lt;Request version=3D"19.0.0" echo=3D"0" verbose=3D"0"=
&gt;<br class=3D"">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &lt;Ope=
ration&gt;ItemOperation&lt;/Operation&gt;<br class=3D"">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp=
; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &lt;Parameters&gt;<br class=3D"">&nbsp; &nbsp=
; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &lt;Item path=3D"PUBLIC/<a href=3D"htt=
p://deha.de/Kontakte/DEHA-Gruppe" class=3D"">deha.de/Kontakte/DEHA-Gruppe</=
a>" action=3D"delete" type=3D"contact" ID=3D"5963e9df7a0a47798440e0dbfa18b9=
5a"&gt;<br class=3D"">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &lt;/Parameters&gt=
;<br class=3D"">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &lt;/Request&gt;<br class=3D"">&nbsp; =
&lt;/API&gt;<br class=3D"">&lt;/MDaemon&gt;</div><div class=3D""><br class=
=3D""></div><div class=3D"">And in the API-Log we get this error:</div><div=
 class=3D""><br class=3D""></div><div class=3D""><img apple-inline=3D"yes" =
id=3D"55B58956-3773-449E-B4CF-D8BCBB4FF745" src=3D"cid:F1E4854C-A8F6-4E2A-B=
451-9E30B481EED2@deha.intern" class=3D""></div><div class=3D""><div class=
=3D""><br class=3D"webkit-block-placeholder"></div><div class=3D"">mdapi Us=
er has full rights on the public folder.</div><div class=3D""><br class=3D"=
"></div><div class=3D"">Was there a change in the API in Version 21.0.3 tha=
t could cause that error?</div><div class=3D""><br class=3D""></div><div cl=
ass=3D"">Kind regards,<br class=3D""><br class=3D"">Holger</div><br class=
=3D""></div><br><div style=3D"font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; fo=
nt-weight: normal;">
<hr style=3D"border-top: 1px solid #000; margin-left: 0; width: 100%" />
<br />
<img border=3D"0" alt=3D"DEHA Gruppe" src=3D"cid:CFILTER-1.8620233031973">
<br />
<br />DEHA Elektrohandelsgesellschaft mbH &amp; Co. KG
<br />Gesellschaft f&uuml;r Einkauf Produktmanagement und Marketing
<br />
<br />Weilimdorfer Strasse 74/2
<br />D-70839 Gerlingen
<br />
<br /><a href=3D"https://www.deha.de" style=3D"color: #000;">www.deha.de</a=
>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=3D"https://www.tecselect.de" style=3D"color: #00=
0;">www.tecselect.de</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=3D"https://www.wir-sind-r=
ed.de" style=3D"color: #000;">www.wir-sind-red.de</a>
<br />
<br />
<img border=3D"0" alt=3D"Unsere Marken" src=3D"cid:CFILTER-2.31255290821415=
<br />
<br />Folgen Sie uns auf
<br />++ <a href=3D"https://www.facebook.com/deha.elektrohandelsgesellschaf=
t" style=3D"color: #000;">Facebook</a> ++ <a href=3D"https://twitter.com/DE=
HAGmbH" style=3D"color: #000;">Twitter</a> ++ <a href=3D"https://www.xing.c=
om/companies/dehaelektrohandelsgesellschaftmbh%26co.kg" style=3D"color: #00=
0;">Xing</a> ++ <a href=3D"https://vimeo.com/user30008135" style=3D"color: =
#000;">vimeo</a> ++
<br />
<br />
<img border=3D"0" alt=3D"DEHA Auszeichnungen" src=3D"cid:CFILTER-3.22786299=
<br />
<br />
<hr style=3D"border-top: 1px solid #000; margin-left: 0; width: 100%" />
<br />Diese E-Mail wurde gesendet von DEHA Elektrohandelsgesellschaft mbH &=
amp; Co. KG
<br />Registergericht Stuttgart HRA 202313
<br />Pers&ouml;nlich haftende Gesellschafterin Elektrohandelsgesellschaft =
<br />Sitz Gerlingen Registergericht Stuttgart HRB 204585
<br />Gesch&auml;ftsf&uuml;hrer: Birgit Collmer, Daniela Blickle, Ulrich Ho=
<br />
<br />Hinweise zur Datenverarbeitung gem&auml;&szlig; Art...

Creating a Contacts-Lists with XML-API - 08:03am Aug 30, 2021 CDT - Hello Keith,

managing distribution lists in a public contacts folder would be nice, too.

Kind regards,


> Am 30.08.2021 um 14:23 schrieb Keith Personett <Keith.Personett@mdaemon.com>:
> Holger,
> Currently, it is not supported, I’ve added a new work item to “manage personal distribution lists” in FolderOperation and ItemOperation for this. It will likely be in MD 22.0 of the XMLAPI...

Creating a Contacts-Lists with XML-API - 08:30am Aug 27, 2021 CDT - Hello Arron,

i know how to put contacts to a folder. Sorry i didn't know that MD is calling it "distribution list". So what i'd really like to do is creating or modifying a distribution list with the help of the api...

Creating a Contacts-Lists with XML-API - 09:33am Jun 21, 2022 CDT - Hello,

is it possible to create/modify a contacts-list with the XML-API?

Kind regards,


DEHA Elektrohandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Gesellschaft fr Einkauf, Produktmanagement und Marketing
Weilmdorfer Str...


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