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Help has some minor problems - 03:53pm Jan 6, 2022 CDT - Just FYI, if I go to Setup and select Public Folder Manager, there is a help button and it works. But if I select Bayesian Learning and click on Edit ACLs, then select "anyone" and click on the EDIT button it displays the Permissions and the dialog has a Help button that displays nothing when I select it.

Reporting a virus fails - 02:06pm Dec 16, 2021 CDT - Thanks, that's what happened - when I forwarded the email I got this message:
    Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients
Subject: FW: FYR
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:58 PM
    550 5.6.0 Sorry, virus detected within message
All users mail is scanned at 5:15am, and most recent AV update was at 2:19am - maybe it would help you if an email reporting "false" results included the current update levels and option selections. It you are sending files to Cyren that they were already detecting then maybe it tells you something about your users environments failing to detect things?

Reporting a virus fails - 02:38pm Dec 16, 2021 CDT - I used the "Report to MDaemon.com as Virus False Negative" feature because the quarantined email contained Invoice24123.lha which VirusTotal reports as infected. But the submission to MDaemon was rejected:
  Final-Recipient: rfc822, virusfn@mdaemon.com
  Last-Attempt-Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 06:34:15 -0600
  Remote-MTA: dns, smtp1.mdaemon.com
  Diagnostic-Code: smtp, 550 Sorry, this message contains RAR/Trojan.PEWA-7 virus
  Status: 5.0.0
  Action: failed
But locally both CyrenAV and ClamAV show as updated this morning.

"Clean" viruses? - 08:46am Nov 10, 2021 CDT - Today we received a "clean" file:
  X-CFilter-Restricted-Files: Copia de pago adjunta.zip (Copia de pago adjunta.exe)
  X-CFilter-Processed: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 04:11:59 -0600
  X-MDAV-Result: clean

I always quarantine risky attachments, sending it to VirusTotal the result is:
  Cyren - W32/Delf.GFZI-4902

I'm reporting it as a "Virus False Negative" and going to have to manually update the "Viruses detected count"

"Clean" viruses? - 10:31am Oct 14, 2021 CDT - Sure, but for me the issue is that the infection attempts are not being documented. Yesterday the "Viruses detected" count was incremented but I'm not seeing any information about it. Since I'm blocking detected viruses this suggests that something got through undetected into a spam folder, possibly with an attachment that I'm not quarantining ...


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