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the mailbox scan works! - 01:51pm May 10, 2022 CDT - It just found four infected PDF deliveries earlier this week, however, while they were sent to the quarantine folder and not just deleted (my config), I noticed the infected deliveries (all spammy PDFs). However the admin did not get any messages about the mailscan success - I think that it would be helpful in many environments, even if the messages were deleted, if the mail administrator got an message about any potential infections that had been discovered in the mailscan.

"Clean" viruses? - 08:38am Apr 6, 2022 CDT - The only "end goal" for us is to avoid infections.
I expect that scanning the quarantined message that MD has not detected via VirusTotal is updating the AV vendors. I also send them to MD via the quarantine reporting option but a lot of time the messages are rejected - I see that as a good thing but since the quarantine queue hasn't been scanned it's a little work for me...

"Clean" viruses? - 07:50am Apr 6, 2022 CDT - This is just an idea, MD can scan all the mailboxes everyday and occasionally finds infections in users spam folders, but I'm quarantining virtually all messages with attachments that I see as potential infections ... e.g. *.gz, *.zip, *.bat, *.exe etc., and then I check suspicious messages by uploading them to VirusTotal after reviewing the headers...

"Clean" viruses? - 02:54pm Feb 24, 2022 CDT - Yes, those sessions would have been mine - I'm not complaining about this, just letting you know what's happening. This is just a thought ... would it be better to accept and delete all detected viruses?..

"Clean" viruses? - 08:03am Feb 24, 2022 CDT - We just had two malware deliveries which arrived at 5:14am this morning, at 6:40am I checked the queue and verified them at VirusTotal which showed a lot of detections so I reported them both to MDaemon and Virus False Negative and they were both rejected. This made me check my Security Antivirus update logs, the most recent AV updates, ClamAV had been updated at 4:01am and is still saying that it's up-to-date. Cyren Anti-Virus was updated at 4:11am and all checks since then say "The last updater run was less than an hour ago...


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