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List refuse message larger then - everyone@domain.com - 12:23pm Sep 3, 2020 CDT - Hi,
Previously I have set the message size limit for everyone@domain.com, would like to know how do make change to the settings?

Messages randomly not accessible to random users - 08:04pm May 11, 2020 CDT - Hi,
This seem like the problem that I am facing where out of sudden a user report he cannot access/download his email (both WorldClient and ThunderBird IMAP) also cannot.

When I drill down to the user mailbox folder and trying to copy a file into it and found the file show and disappear immediately. There are also a case where I can't even use Windows Explorer to open the folder...

WorldClient compose - Youtube video - 05:00pm May 14, 2020 CDT - Hi,
In the Worldclient HTML compose window, I select the "√Źnsert Video ..." button and paste the youtube video link to it and it show up correctly in the compose window.

Once I sent, the recipient receive it show with a "Remove Video" button instead of the embedded video. Same happen to the email in my Sent folder...

Migrate MDaemon to new server with new 64bit OS - 05:23pm Dec 17, 2018 CDT - Actually base on my testing, the MD is not able to reach the AD server if we use LDAP://rootDSE

After I put in the AD IP then it prompt for invalid user/pass.

Migrate MDaemon to new server with new 64bit OS - 05:21pm Dec 17, 2018 CDT - 1. I do not have such problem in the production server. Which is using the same environment with the setting before making any changes...


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