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List refuse message larger then - everyone@domain.com - 12:23pm Sep 3, 2020 CDT - Hi,
Previously I have set the message size limit for everyone@domain.com, would like to know how do make change to the settings?

Messages randomly not accessible to random users - 08:04pm May 11, 2020 CDT - Hi,
This seem like the problem that I am facing where out of sudden a user report he cannot access/download his email (both WorldClient and ThunderBird IMAP) also cannot.

When I drill down to the user mailbox folder and trying to copy a file into it and found the file show and disappear immediately. There are also a case where I can't even use Windows Explorer to open the folder...

WorldClient compose - Youtube video - 05:00pm May 14, 2020 CDT - Hi,
In the Worldclient HTML compose window, I select the "√Źnsert Video ..." button and paste the youtube video link to it and it show up correctly in the compose window.

Once I sent, the recipient receive it show with a "Remove Video" button instead of the embedded video. Same happen to the email in my Sent folder...

Sync Public Contact with AD Contacts - 08:52pm Aug 26, 2019 CDT - Do you mean the search filter in the Active Directory ) Athentication ?

If we change this to filter to the Contacts, will it affect the AD authentication which we arealso using?

Sync Public Contact with AD Contacts - 10:03am Aug 27, 2019 CDT - Hi,
We are currently using AD Authentication (objectCategory=Person, objectClass=User, mail=*@domain.com) and enable the Monitor AD to update Public Address Book.

When we change the AD user, it will update to the public contact without problem.

Can we setup to update the public address book using the AD Contacts instead of user?


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