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Webmail Https no longer work since 21.5 - 07:21am Dec 13, 2021 CDT - Thank you for your reply

As indicated above, the Let's Encrypt certificate works well

Webmail is configured in HTTPS only, it uses the same certificate of course.
When we go to Http, it works very well, Mdaemon's internal server works.
HTTPS port configured to 443

Remote administration on port 1000 works perfectly in HTTPS

SMTPS and IMAPS over SSL works perfectly...

Webmail Https no longer work since 21.5 - 09:02am Dec 13, 2021 CDT - Hello,
We have encountered a problem since updating to v21.5.0
Webmail and activesync using SSL no longer work with MDaemon's integrated server since the update.
SSL with imap and smtp works well on their side

The manual creation or renewal of the Let's Encrypt certificate works well, the certificate is present. All options have been checked

Webmail in Http mode only works perfectly, we only have the problem with the activation of Https on Webmail ...

Outlook 365 + MDConnector 7.02 + MD 21 - Big problem ... - 05:32am Feb 17, 2021 CDT - hello Tyler, and thank's for your response.

To verify, when sending or deleting email in Outlook, the application crashes?
=> Yes, ramdomly

Does the delete crash only occur when removing mail items?..

Outlook 365 + MDConnector 7.02 + MD 21 - Big problem ... - 04:21pm Feb 18, 2021 CDT - Hello,

Since the update of MDaemon server 20.04 to 21 and Outlook Connector 6.52 to 7.02, we are experiencing serious problems, randomly, with deleting email and sending email from Outlook (version 365, build 16.0.13628.20274)

Outlook freeze and crash !

We have disabled add-ins in Outlook = same problem
We have redone the profile => same problem
Reinstalled Office => same problem
Disabled the anti-virus => same problem

There is no exact reason for this problem, it is completely random.
A simple email or an email with an attachment can cause the problem...

When Modify Configuration ActiveSync, Mdaemon Crash - 09:19am Feb 5, 2020 CDT - Hello,

The problem is now resolved since version 19.54

Thank's for the support


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