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Moving Mdaemon to new server - 03:28am Jul 28, 2021 CDT - I will check those things when I try to move it again, but shouldnt this be a pretty simple thing to do ?

I am (trying to) move a working installation from one PC to another, the only thing different is that the user email files are in a different location (updated in relevant ini and dat files). When I copy the directory to the new server, shouldnt all the settings you are asking me to verify come across same as they are on the working install ?

Moving Mdaemon to new server - 04:16pm Jul 28, 2021 CDT - I am attempting to move my mdaemon 19.5.3 to a new server (original server was running windows 7, new server is running Windows 10 Pro. I have read the instructions (remove service, deactivate, copy directory, update mdaemon.ini to new locations, update userlist.dat to new locations, install same version over copied directory structure).

I have two issues..

Duplicate incoming emails - 04:08am Sep 16, 2020 CDT - Further to my prior message, I found the setting under EXTRA HOSTS and indeed for many years I was checking 2 accounts (actually aliases).

The secondary one had never ever received any emails in it, I think I had it set up to be checked only in the unlikely event that something did come in there. So it seems that GoDaddy made a change and has now been forwarding mails to that supposedly dormant alias and that is what caused the duplication...

Duplicate incoming emails - 03:14am Sep 16, 2020 CDT - I dont really understand.. I only have one account, Ive only ever had one account, and I dont have domainpop set up to check any other account (which I dont have).

Moreover I didnt change anything in the domainpop setup, I havent touched those settings in years, so why would it start checking two accounts and how do I fix that ?

Duplicate incoming emails - 10:32pm Aug 30, 2020 CDT - Yes, those options are selected as you described. Bear in mind that this is a new issue, I have not changed a thing in my settings, I just started getting duplicate emails one day.

My emails are scanned by an external spam filtering system(spamhero.com) so I can actually see on that server whether duplicate messages being sent to me from the senders and that is not the case...


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