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Reset Bayesian database / spam filter updates - 02:27pm Dec 16, 2021 CDT - 1) I did not have 200 of each message class learned, but I do now, and the problem has been resolved: we are getting bayesian scoring in the spam filter results.

2) I upgraded one of our spam filter update fail servers, and it succeeded updating the spam filter, problem resolved.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Reset Bayesian database / spam filter updates - 02:27pm Dec 16, 2021 CDT - Currently, there are 2 issues affecting our email servers.

1) I attempted to reset the bayesian database because I was concerned it was not accurate. I renamed the bayes_seen, bayes_tokens, and bayes_journal files to .old...

Anti-Virus Update Notifications - 07:03pm May 31, 2021 CDT - Ok, thank you for your response.

Anti-Virus Update Notifications - 12:13pm Aug 7, 2021 CDT - I notice I'm not receiving anti-virus update notifications after upgrading to v21.0.2.

From the release notes:
[24452] AntiVirus - Improved update notifications for Cyren AV and ClamAV.

Does this mean the per-update notifications were removed?

Mdaemon does not start automatically after server reboot - 04:08pm May 4, 2021 CDT - If you set the MDaemon server to use "Automatic (Delayed Start)" as the startup type, does it resolve the issue?
Yes, that resolves the issue. Setting Mdaemon service to delayed start starts the Mdaemon service after a server reboot...


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