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From self-signed certificate to Let's Encrypt - 10:43am Feb 21, 2022 CDT - We use a self-signed certificate in our Mdaemon Server. What happens to clients (Mobiles and Outlook) if we change / enable the use of Let's Encrypt Certificates. What happens when a customer opens the mail app in their mobile (for example), it will ask / warn that the new certificate must be installed?..

Outlook with MDaemon Connector hanging, crashing, freezing - 04:18am Sep 30, 2019 CDT -

Hello Martin!
Have you tested configuring the problems account with ActiveSync instead of Outlook Connector. It is enough that you create a new Outlook profile only.
Good luck!
Best regards,
"Martin Wyatt" skrev i meddelandet news:59862fcb.-1@webcrossing.YajCaaooa8G...
My users are ready to revolt and I'm dumbfounded, so I'm seeking suggestions or experiences you've had.

I have 400 users...


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