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Scott Trowbridge

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Content Filter Struggles - 12:42pm Jul 20, 2020 CDT - Any updates on this issue?

Content Filter Struggles - 08:14am Jul 8, 2020 CDT - I added the "Regular Expression" and "Test String from the posted example at (https://regex101.com/r/5COGWm/1) into the "Search and Replace Tester" then, per your instruction, removed the left most "/"; the system did not return any results (see attachment).

The URL example works, Mdaemon doesn't see any results. What's wrong?

Content Filter Struggles - 03:58pm Aug 6, 2020 CDT - Trying to implement content filter to remove certain embedded link types using the following code:

See example 1 in screen shot

DEMO @ https://regex101.com/r/5COGWm/

The demo correctly locates all the I need for both single and multi spanning lines.

Assuming the application implements all the same syntax as the website I'm using for debugging, the last step is to add the options to this command (Global, Single Line and Multi line or gsm).

Example: See example 2 in screen shot

This command causes the application to through up a syntax error...


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