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Aleksandar Devecerski

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Recall function / Message-ID header - 03:27am Jul 11, 2018 CDT -

I was afraid this could be the case.
As I'm not good at writing scripts, there seems to be no solution for my
case, Outlook w/o Connector.

Thank you David

On 10.07.2018 19:46, David Cyrus (David.Cyrus@mdaemon.com) wrote:
> You asked:
> - is there a way to apply CF rule to Inbound queue
> No...

Remote Administration – Content Filter – rule order change - 03:47am Jun 28, 2018 CDT - Hello everyone
Remote Administration –> Security -> Content Filter -> Rules -> Move
Up/Move Down buttons.

’Move Up’ does not work at all.
’Move Down’ appears not to be working, but if Rules page is refreshed or
you switch to another page/return back rule is moved one position down...

Message stuck in SMTP-out queue - 12:13pm Jun 20, 2018 CDT - Hello David

"It sounds like you are saying that an outbound SMTP session is
successful but the .MSG file of the email message is not successfully
removed from the "Remote" queue."

"Do you have your copy of MDaemon configured to perform spam filtering
on email from your local users?"
'Do not filter mail from...' -> 'Local sources' is UNchecked

"Is there a third-party antivirus installed on your MDaemon server?"
Yes, Symantec Endpoint Protection. Everything MDaemon related is
excluded (working like that for years)...

Message stuck in SMTP-out queue - 09:26am Jun 21, 2018 CDT - Hello all

After upgrade to 18.02, day before yesterday, I had message stuck in
SMTP out queue on 2 separate occasions. First yesterday, which I didn't
notice until recipient informed me that he received the same message 40
times. (Re)Sending stopped by itself...

Remote Admin, issue with "Dynamic Screening - Blacklist " - 08:48am Jun 15, 2018 CDT - 18.0.2, but I've noticed this on previous versions as well.

I tried leaving default (1 day), tried changing to 2 days, tried
checking 'never', comment/no comment, new item just disappears.

Just re-checked, funny thing...


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