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"To address is missing" in CFRules.dat - 07:21am May 23, 2018 CDT - Hello

Noticed this a while ago, but never got around to report it. It's not
really important, minor cosmetic issue

Remote Admin -> Security -> Content Filter -> Rules. Add new rule to
send a note to a local user when message arrives from certain sender...

Remote Admin, issue with "Limit simultaneous connections by IP to" - 07:22am May 22, 2018 CDT - Hi everyone

Just noticed, Remote Admin -> Setup -> Server Settings -> Sessions ->
"Limit simultaneous connections by IP to", can only be set to 0 or 1.
Anything larger then 1 is returned back to 1 after save (and page
change/return to Sessions).


Top Mailboxes charts (Remote Administration) - 12:44pm May 17, 2018 CDT - Ok, thanks for clearing this up Tyler.

On 17.05.2018. 16:28, Tyler Davis wrote:
> My previous post was not 100% accurate...

Top Mailboxes charts (Remote Administration) - 06:38am May 16, 2018 CDT - Here's what I just did:
- (QuotaCounts.dat present in App folder) stop Remote Admin -> rename
all 3 files in StatsDB folder to *.OLD -> restart Remote Admin -> login
to Remote Admin -> view Reports/Mailboxes -> hundreds of messages/MBs
shown (I would say reading from QuotaCounts.dat)
- logout from Remote Admin -> delete QuotaCounts.dat -> relogin to
Remote Admin -> 1 or 2 new messages shown (count restarted, hundreds of
pre-existing messages in User subfolders are not shown)
- start Queue & Stats Manager -> User page -> Refresh (QuotaCounts.dat
recreated) -> login to Remote Admin -> again, hundreds of messages/MBs

Is the quotacounts.dat file generated when you send from the MDaemon
account? Yes.

Let me just try to clear one thing up, Remote Administration -> Reports
-> Mailboxes -> Mailbox Charts -> two "Top Mailboxes..." charts show
exact/current/total situation (all of the mailboxes, including
pre-existing messages) or new messages only (since db recreation)?..

Top Mailboxes charts (Remote Administration) - 01:23am May 11, 2018 CDT - At least, is there a way to do a user stats refresh manually?
With mdstats.exe command line switch for example?

Help page
says nothing about that, but then help page does not contain switch
/user which definitely works...


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