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Aleksandar Devecerski

Which Alt-N products do you use?


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When found suspicious attached file, where can I send the files for testing? - 04:02am Nov 10, 2017 CDT -

Don't know about testing with Cyren itself, but among other AV engines
used by VirusTotal online scan (https://www.virustotal.com/) you can
find Cyren, as well as ClamAV.

You can submit malware sample at
Misclassification Reason -> "I think this may be malware"

For ClamAV: https://www.clamav.net/reports/malware


On 09.11.2017 04:33, azizan@idemitsu-ps.com.my wrote:
> Hi there,
> Lastime when I found suspicious attached files I can send to Kaspersky
> website for testing and submission, but when upgrading to v5.5 using
> Cyren engine, where can I do testting or submission the files?
> TQ

New SecurityPlus engine - 07:37am Nov 1, 2017 CDT - Hello Arron

For example, was the reason for switch technical or... other. There's no
need to elaborate, I would just would like to know if there is a need to
rush the upgrade?..

v17.5.1, Dynamic Screening, two options - 04:15pm Oct 27, 2017 CDT - After sending messages to you I've took a closer look. It is a little
odd. Attached, image Client.jpg, you can see how these 2 messages look
in Thunderbird inbox (I've also checked in Wordlclient and Outlook, all
three are saying 17:38/18:36 instead of real time, 16:38/17:36 as, I
think, correctly indicated in DynScrn.log, below)...

v17.5.1, Dynamic Screening, two options - 11:19am Oct 27, 2017 CDT - You're welcome Arron.

Still no (regular) blocked addresses notifications, but as "Send reports
on exempt/whitelisted addresses as their records expire" option is
checked I've just received two Exempt IP Address Expiration Reports,
both showing (in Thunderbird) they've been sent one hour from now.


On 27.10.2017...

v17.5.1, Dynamic Screening, two options - 05:42pm Oct 31, 2017 CDT - Nope.
Seems to be working correctly now.


On 31.10.2017...


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