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Aleksandar Devecerski

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Exclude some accounts from statistics - 01:33pm Nov 8, 2018 CDT - Thank you Jared

On 08.11.2018. 17:59, Jared Charles (Jared.Charles@mdaemon.com) wrote:
> Hello Aleksandar,
> There is currently not a way to exclude specific accounts from being
> displayed in statistics or charts that are found within MDaemon Remote
> Administration.  However, I have submitted a request to our wish list
> asking for this particular feature to be considered in a future release
> of MDaemon.
> Regards,
> --
> Jared Charles
> Technical Application Support
> MDaemon Technologies | Simple Secure Email
> U.S...

Exclude some accounts from statistics - 01:33pm Nov 8, 2018 CDT - Hi everyone

Just curious, is there a way to exempt selected account(s) from showing
in statistics?
Namely in Remote Admin, Mailbox charts.


Issue with 'Spam Filter - White List' via Remote Admin - 07:55am Oct 22, 2018 CDT -

Remote Admin -> Spam Filter -> White List (by sender)
Cannot add or change anything. After save everything reverts back.

Funny enough, that same file only accessed via Remote Admin -> Logs ->
Config files -> 80_MDAEMON_WHITELIST_FROM.CF can be edited, and saved,
no problem...

Unable to remove ClamAV exclusions - 05:30pm Sep 10, 2018 CDT - Tyler

Tried rebooting MDaemon box. also did not help.
Midnight cleanup job happened soon after, still the same (see log below)...

Unable to remove ClamAV exclusions - 06:52am Sep 11, 2018 CDT - Hi everyone

For a few months now we’ve been experiencing quite elusive AV issue
(occasional “Error or timeout during inline virus scan“). MD support has
been involved, but we are still unable to resolve it. Experimenting with
different settings I’ve set exclusions for my local users in ClamAV
(added *@wbm.rs in ClamAV plugin -> General -> Configure Exceptions ->
Exclude messages FROM these addresses)...


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