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Aleksandar Devecerski

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IMAP - Socket error 590615 - 08:48am May 15, 2019 CDT -

Hello Tyler, thanks for the quick response.
I can email/upload log(s) for closer examination, just advise address/how.

Current "Maximum concurrent IMAP sessions" value is 100...

IMAP - Socket error 590615 - 08:48am May 15, 2019 CDT - Hello everyone

I'm seeing socket errors 590615 in IMAP logs, like the one below, not
sure when they started (we are on MD v19). Some IMAP account users
reported weird behavior like, occasional sent message not appearing in
either Outbox or Sent Items. Sometimes they even receive response from
the recipient before their own message appears in Sent Items...

Let's Encrypt implementation - 09:52am Mar 15, 2019 CDT - Certificate in place, no (major) issues.

Just in case someone else went that way, WorldClient option "HTTP
redirected to HTTPS" when using non-443 HTTPS port (although correctly
set at the firewall) generates fatal error and stops configuration
script. Repeated attempts to understand what is happening then trigger
Let's Encrypts 5 unsuccessful tries per hour limit...

Let's Encrypt implementation - 09:52am Mar 15, 2019 CDT - Hi everyone

I've moved MDaemon from old 32-bit Win Server 2003 machine to 64-bit
server few days ago. Previously I've used self-signed certificate,
created by MDaemon itself but Let's Encrypt solution sounds better and
now I can (try to) implement it. Been reading about it yesterday and
today and I'm still not clear about couple of things...

AV Update Failing since upgrade to 18.5.2 - 08:02am Mar 1, 2019 CDT - First, Arron, Edmund, thank you guys. I have somehow managed to miss
your posts completely!? Sorry about that

"Do you have anything that would be blocking HTTPS traffic?"


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