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v19.5 - Web Service Access not retaining settings - 02:37pm Nov 6, 2019 CDT - Hi everyone

Since upgrade to v19.5 I'm seeing this odd behavior of Account / Web
Service Access settings. I'm making a lot of account reconfigurations
(we are transitioning from PST storage to MDaemonConnector) and need Web
Access for verification. At least 50% of times I login to webmail I get
"your account has been disabled" although I've enabled access few
seconds ago...

New Mobile Theme: No text in send emails - 07:56am Oct 21, 2019 CDT - Same here
Couple of users reported sent emails without message body
Any solutions for this?


On 19.10.2019 13:03, Jost Richstein wrote:
> Hi,
> we upgraded to 19.5 and we expirience a problem with the new mobile
> Theme: no matter what I try to change (HTML EMail, plain text etc.), the
> text body does not reach the recipient, just the mail with subject. That
> does not happen with other themes...

Mobile Outlook and ActiveSync - 08:16am Oct 18, 2019 CDT - Hello Jared

 > Please answer all of these questions off-list:
Reply sent

Thank you

On 17.10.2019 22:46, Jared Charles (Jared.Charles@mdaemon.com) wrote:
> Hello Aleksandar,
> Please answer all of these questions off-list:
> Are you able to set up that account successfully when using the stock
> mail application found on the affected Android device?
> When you set up the account, are you enabling SSL?
> If so, did you set it to accept the certificate regardless whether it is
> invalid?..

Mobile Outlook and ActiveSync - 08:17am Oct 18, 2019 CDT - Hello

I'm unable to setup MS Outlook on Android device(s) to connect to my
MDaemon server, using Exchange access.
ActiveSync is enabled, I can use ActiveSync/Exchange setup with other
clients, but not with Outlook. I'm aware of the fact that mobile Outlook
does not connect directly to configured server, so for testing purposes
I've disabled Location Screening...

Data export outlook.pst -> Connector - 03:46pm Aug 12, 2019 CDT - Hello

In the following weeks I will be reconfiguring approx 150 existing user
accounts from POP/IMAP to MDaemon Connector.
To test this, I've already converted 5 users, some of them with multiple
I was wondering if there is a way to streamline the process?..


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