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deleted email address - 04:44am Oct 5, 2022 CDT - As I already wrote, I checked the Mdaemon system log.
I have already checked all the log files, the deletion of the user not appear anywhere.
I suspect the mistaken renaming of a user to a new user and thus the old user disappears, but I should find the renaming instead in log file, correct?!..

deleted email address - 09:07am Oct 5, 2022 CDT - Hello!

Mdaemon v22.0.2

How can I see exactly who/how a certain email address was deleted?
I know the approximative time interval in which it was deleted, between an ok login session and a failed session...

Spam score wrong or not!? - 09:05am Feb 3, 2022 CDT - Hello!

Mdaemon v21.5.1

Some messages receive, from time to time, a score of 5 if the message is spam
I'm talking here about legitimate business messages that are registered as spam even if they are not.
How can I find out exactly what criteria were introduced in spam?..

Socket error 10054 - Connection was reset by the other side! - 06:31am Jan 18, 2022 CDT - Mdaemon(64) v21.5.1

The error occurs in multiple sessions, both SMTP(in) and IMAp
Sometimes the sessions are closed, the transfer is not completed, sometimes the messages are transferred.
I will write below some examples from the logs. Not all of them have explanations related to the end of the sessions, before the errors appears:

Wed 2022-01-12 10:18:56.426: * Socket error 10054 - Connection was reset by the other side!..

Socket error 10054 - Connection was reset by the other side! - 10:51am Jan 17, 2022 CDT - Sorry, my typo, Mdaemon v21.5.1


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