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Udo Baldewig

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TLS problem after migration to new server - 04:37am Aug 26, 2021 CDT - Microsoft support said there are not problems with our IP numbers

I spend some additional time and found problems and solution
TLS and MTA-STS problems

e.g on mails for hotmail.com I found in logs
 MTA-STS policy for hotmail.com found in cache
 * version: STSv1
 * mode: testing
 * mx: *.olc.protection.outlook.com
 * max_age: 604800

Problem does not happen on all domains working with protection.outlook.com
MTA-STS should be a problem

Adding *.protection.outlook.com to "STARTTLS White List" and disable MTA-STS seems to fix the problem - see no further disconnect

Now it works.
But I do not know why it's only working without STARTTLS from the new server. And why not on all domains using protection.outlook.com

TLS problem after migration to new server - 01:07am Aug 26, 2021 CDT - Hello,

I've done the following steps:

Move the entire mdaemon folder to new server (W2008R2 to W2019)
Shutdown old server und set identical IP to new server.
Running the MD21.0.2 installer and install service. All settings from old server are available - looks really good - every one can work...

TLS problem after migration to new server - 08:24am Aug 23, 2021 CDT - You are right Aarron ! I will set the correkt TLS/SSL settings with iiscrypto this evening like the old server.
Let you know about the result
Best Regards,
Udo Baldewig

TLS problem after migration to new server - 08:27am Aug 26, 2021 CDT - Hello,
Since our MDaemon 21.0.2 was moved to new server (WinSvr 2019) we have a problem with sending mails to some other servers (connection will be closed).
We use Let's encrypt cert and I have create a new cert after starting mdaemon on new server.
Option "SMTP server sends mail using STARTTLS when possible" is active
When this option will be disabled - all mails are send without problem...

Problem with Answers to Meetingrequests in Outlook 2010 with OutlookConnector 7.0.2 - Mdaemon 21.0.0 - 10:16am Feb 17, 2021 CDT - Thanks for your response!

We have only 2 Accounts using Outlook Connector and we decide to upgrade Office Version to 2019 next week - because Office 2010 has reached end of support by Microsoft.

In Office 2013 I can not reproduce this problem...


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