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Mdaemon 32 or 64 - 08:58am Jan 15, 2020 CDT - And one last test..

Mdaemon 32 or 64 - 08:51am Jan 15, 2020 CDT - Now I need to reply with a test message. Sorry.

Mdaemon 32 or 64 - 08:44am Jan 15, 2020 CDT - The biggest benefit is an increase in the amount of memory available to the process.

I would make the switch to the 64 bit version but there is nothing that says you have to. Here is an article that will help with the making the switch:



Never receive emails for my subscribed discussions - 01:13pm Aug 15, 2019 CDT - Testing to see if the notifications are working now.


Check ip address against dns-bl on connect - 11:47am Dec 29, 2017 CDT -

If the attempts are all coming from a region that valid users shouldn’t be connecting from, you can use location screening.  It allows you to block authentication based on the country the connecting IP is from.


You can configure it in MDaemon 17.5 by going to Security / Security Settings / Screening / Location Screening.



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I am seeing more attempt of hacking recently, and wonder if there is a way to check the source ip address against dns-bl during authentication. To me, it makes sense to validate the source ip address before they manage to guess a users password. Also have noticed that 99% of these attempts are coming from ip addresses under the control of Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)...


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