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AccountPrune take longer time to complete - 08:07am Jan 10, 2022 CDT - Hi there,

Is there any way that I can expedite AccountPrune or run this services run much earlier? Can I set which time it run?

Anti-Virus replacement for Mdaemon - 08:11pm Jan 4, 2022 CDT - Due to frequent emails being sent to HOLDING Q, the virus function in MDaemon has been disabled, despite the fact that the emails are virus-free.

Anti-Virus replacement for Mdaemon - 10:57pm Jul 19, 2021 CDT - Hi there,

Sorry we not able to send you the email due to most of the email P & C and cannot been shared outside the company.

Lastime I have send you few sample of the files directly to you and you inform me that you not found anything.

Thank you.

Anti-Virus replacement for Mdaemon - 12:28am Jul 14, 2021 CDT - Hi there,

We are using latest version 21.0.2 and now I totally stop anti-virus because very annoying that every time need to release it from HOLDING Q and wasting our time to do that.

Beginning we ON both ClamAV and Cyren, but later I tested just ON ClamAV and it temporary solved the HOLDING Q issues, after I upgrade to latest version 21.0.2, it become worst both cannot ON, need totally OFF anti virus.

By the way, ClamAV or Cyren virus pattern not always up to date (even I on schedule every 1 hour), frequently I found out virus inside my email (I'm using Kaspersky)

Anti-Virus replacement for Mdaemon - 11:30pm Jan 4, 2022 CDT - Hi there,

Can I use other anti-virus to work with Mdaemon? I found out existing anti-virus come with the server not work well and cause many email send to HOLDING Q. The virus detection also very poor because of virus pattern not up to date (even I run every 1 hour update) and some compress file also not detected the virus inside...


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