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Del Dawley

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Content Filter and Timestamp Variable - 10:02am Sep 21, 2021 CDT - Various devices send out email alerts on our network and I would like MDaemon to add a timestamp to either the message header or body.

Is there a way to add a timestamp when the content filter processes the message?


Win 2008r2 - MD 16.0.4 - MS Windows update-KB4483187 - 09:59am Jan 22, 2019 CDT - Thank you for the update Marlon.

We had yet another Windows update last night for MS Silverlight and again Mdaemon will not listen / respond on port 25. In addition, it seems the MD GUI wasn't responding...

AV Update Failed since 12-24-18 - 11:10am Jan 3, 2019 CDT - Confirming that our Security updates are now working as well.

Thank you!

Del Dawley

AV Update Failed since 12-24-18 - 11:32am Dec 31, 2018 CDT - Experiencing the same failure on Security Plus updates with MD 16.0.4 and SP 5.0.1. The timing of 12/24 is also about the time we received a new Windows Internet Explorer update that prevented Mdaemon from receiving traffic on port 25.

We have uninstalled the update and MD runs now...

Win 2008r2 - MD 16.0.4 - MS Windows update-KB4483187 - 03:28pm Feb 28, 2019 CDT - Our MD server experienced loss of SMTP connections after our server installed one update for "2018-12 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Server 2008 R2 for x64-based systems" in the past day or so.

We had to remove the Windows update to allow MD to receive SMTP traffic and all was well.

Did anyone else experience this with the MS update?..


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