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DKIM - Multiple Domains - 07:35am Sep 8, 2021 CDT - Hi,

This is a question about DKIM. I have read the documentation, whether I understand it or not is another questions, and I have a question about multiple domains.

I host around 30 domains on my Mdaemon server...

19.5.0 Problems - 07:44pm Jan 16, 2020 CDT - Sorry to have to Bump this but I still have not been able to resolve my Plugins live log views.

I can see Dynamic Screen as a live log but nothing else.

I have just upgrade to 19.5.3...

19.5.0 Problems - 04:46pm Nov 7, 2019 CDT - Hi Arron,

My mistake with the terminology, you are correct its “Log everything into separate files based on the date” “Log Detailed Mail sessions” is also selected along with “Log each service into a separate log file”.

I went to the http://webmail.mydomain.com/mddp and it asked for logon. I logon and get a return from the MDDP service...

19.5.0 Problems - 05:12pm Nov 5, 2019 CDT - Arron,

Yes the logfiles are in separate files based on day of week and they are detailed sessions.

The MDDP file is no longer being created with the date a few days after upgrade. The autodiscover file is being created and has data...

19.5.0 Problems - 06:27pm Oct 27, 2019 CDT - Arron,

I have been working through these issues, thanks to your assistance. I know you have been helping with the Worldclient issues as well with instructions for IIS in another thread.



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