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Mdaemon performance - 08:43am Oct 14, 2020 CDT - We did our mail blast through Constant Contact on Thursday, Nov. 8th and received approximately 600+ Auto response/Out of office emails that day without any performance issues.
The Incoming Queue contained no more than 125 emails at any time and they were processed in less than 5 minutes...

Mdaemon performance - 01:45pm Oct 5, 2020 CDT - Our next weekly mailing should be scheduled for this Thursday, Nov 8th after 2PM.
I will gather some data at time and report back.

Mdaemon performance - 04:59pm Oct 2, 2020 CDT - I dont know what the Queue lengths were when this issue was occurring because we didnt run any performance metrics then.
We have about 25 active users setup.
The 1TB SAS HDs have a data transfer rate of 3Gbs at 7200 RPM...

Mdaemon performance - 10:31am Oct 2, 2020 CDT - We are running Mdaemon 20.0.0

OS = Windows 7 64bit

Hardware = Dell T320 Intel Xeon Processor E5-2407 2.2 Ghz 16GB RAM

Internal SAS HD (Raid 1)

Currently the Disk Queue length is .05 It doesnt display individual readings for Read, Write

Mdaemon performance - 09:20am Oct 14, 2020 CDT - We do a weekly mailing through Constant Contact and will get approximately 800 to 900 Auto Response emails coming to us after this mailing.
When this happens our Inbound queue will have all these emails which will cause our users outgoing emails, including mail sent to local users to be delayed for up to 2 hrs.
I tried looking at various filtering options including custom queues as well mail priority but nothing in Mdaemon will allow the Inbound queue to process mail more quickly...


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