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Michele Di Maria

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Bad DKIM Signature - 05:46am Nov 12, 2020 CDT - Sorry guys, my bad. I double checked the DNS and the DKIM record was different by the one present in D:\MDaemon\PEM\MDaemon.
When I updated the DNS according to the content of that file it started to work...

Bad DKIM Signature - 12:21pm Nov 9, 2020 CDT - Hi Arron,
  sure I just did it. Did you receive it?


Bad DKIM Signature - 09:45am Nov 12, 2020 CDT - Hello,
   using MailDaemon I am unable to verify a DKIM signature using https://dkimvalidator.com/. With other mail servers I am able, so maybe it is a problem of MailDaemon.

For the domain: casayogaverona.it, if I run the test I receive a "bad RSA signature" error, even if DKIM is configured both in the DNS than in MDaemon...


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