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disabling a Domain to forward email to a new server - 01:18pm Jan 9, 2019 CDT -

You can just rename the domain if you need to keep the messages until transfer is done.
yourdomainold.com ...

Tomas F. Ralfs
From: Anthony Suttorp <lists-md-support@mdaemon.com>
To: <md-support@altn.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 12:53:00 -0500
Subject: [md-support] disabling a Domain to forward email to a new server


Just a quick question here.

I have an mdaemon server with 10 domains, I have migrated one of the domains to office 365. DNS records have been updated; and everything is working except when one of the other 9 domains emails the domain that is now on 365 the message goes into limbo...

Suspect account being access by third party - 07:29am Aug 31, 2018 CDT -

Against *serious* attackers. Probaly not. But then what can.

But against the brute force, script kiddies /spam robots that are hammering at least my servers sometimes...

OSX Outlook 2016 - 02:30pm Aug 13, 2018 CDT -

Thank you Tyler for your answer, the OS X Calendar application is not good enough for my customers, which is why I asked.
Your link on how to sync sync personal/public calendar with CalDav is the same link I posted in the previous email so I already knew that,
which is why I hoped there would be some 3rd party plugins someone in the MDaemon community would know about.

Tomas Ralfs
From: Tyler Davis <lists-md-support@mdaemon.com>
To: <md-support@altn.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 13:32:58 -0500
Subject: [md-support] OSX Outlook 2016

The MDaemon Connector is currently available for Outlook in Windows.

The article below will show how to sync personal/public calendar and tasks to the default OSX calendar app.

How to sync calendars and tasks with OS X Calendar application via CalDAV

ActiveSync is an option to sync calendars/contacts/tasks/notes to iOS devices.

If you haven't purchased ActiveSync key and would like to try it out, you can enable ActiveSync on the MDaemon server and have a 30-day trial access.

Feel free to post any support issues here or submit a ticket for a technician to review on our support page.

Tyler Davis
MDaemon Technologies

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OSX Outlook 2016 - 02:31pm Aug 13, 2018 CDT -

1:  Are there any workarounds/plugins/hacks to get calendar into Outlook 2016 on OSX, (or activesync) like we get with outlook connector on pc.
I tried today with Caldav and it just isnt good enough for my customer and I couldn't get the public calendar  http://example.com/webdav/public-tasks/example.com to work on his Iphone which was frustrating.
2:  Is there a way to get the public calendar on the Iphone without caldav? 
Tomas F. Ralfs

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Importing public PGP - 06:24am Jun 27, 2018 CDT -

Fantastic, probably the only thing I didn't try yesterday.
No I just have to explain to the users, that this is the way to do it
Kind regards
Tomas Ralfs
Safe Video Communication AS
From: "Johan Lavsund via md-support" <md-support@mdaemon.com>
To: md-support@mdaemon.com
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 13:16:34 +0200
Subject: [md-support] Importing public PGP
Just have the user forward the public key as an attachment to him/herself and it will be imported into MDPGP.
Kind Regards
On 2018-06-27 12:57, Tomas Francis Ralfs wrote:
I have been looking for a way for a user to install a public key they receive into Mdaemon. (or their profile)
Is that possible? 

I found this in the worldclient page source, but I cant for the life of me find out how to do this trough the GUI.
//Import S/MIME public key
  "Do not import this public key": "Ikke importer denne fellesnøkkelen",
  "Import this public key to an existing contact": "Importer denne fellesnøkkelen til en eksisterende kontakt",
  "Import this public key to a new contact in your default contacts folder": "Importer denne fellesnøkkelen til en ny kontakt i standardmappen din for kontakter",
  "Would you like to update an existing contact or create a new one?": "Vil du oppdatere en eksisterende kontakt eller opprette en ny?",
  "import this public key": "importer denne fellesnøkkelen"
Doing this manually I find very unpractical.
I have sent keys back and forth, tried different settings. But in the end I manually imported keys from 2 users, into 2 different servers.
Tomas F...


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