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how do I delete a entire message tread but not one by one! - 09:43am Nov 16, 2021 CDT - I have several messages in a thread sometimes 100 or more, right now I'm forced to delete one at a time?

Is there a way just to check the root of the message thread and delete expanded or unexpanded?

Speedup MDaemon - 05:51am Nov 3, 2021 CDT - I have been using Mdaemon for many years, briefly did a couple of years with Exchange 2010 to 2016 then decided I wanted reliability and better recovery options more than a really nice webmail interface with blazing speed, but it still nags me.

Had a couple of issues the main one being speed, even switching to Enterprise level SSD's did not really help with either the CFEngine or Worldclient.

Our environment: ESXi 7.x, Mdaemon 50 user, VM has 32GB-RAM, Windows 2019 Server, 8 vCPU unthrottled using thick format with dedicated SDD containers and drives...

Does MDaemon Content filter support Regex or not? - 06:24am Nov 2, 2021 CDT - Arron, as per normal a nice concise answer that can be used to solve the given issue, also as per normal it was my ignorance that was the issue.

Thank You

Does MDaemon Content filter support Regex or not? - 07:40am Nov 2, 2021 CDT - I been trying to get RegEx expression to work in the MDaemon content filter and so far I seem to have failed, what's more, the MDaemon content filer seems to mung my expressions.

The rules I'am trying adding are:

So my real questions are:
1) Does MDaemon support Regex or not
2) If it does what I am doing wrong!
3) If MDaemon does not support RegEX can I use a 3rd party app to do this?


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