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Fabio Gibellini

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ActiveSync : Public Calendar - 02:49am Jun 20, 2018 CDT - Done

ActiveSync : Public Calendar - 07:04am Jun 19, 2018 CDT - Smartphone removed ... at the end of the sync I still can't see the public calendar


ActiveSync : Public Calendar - 01:55am Jun 18, 2018 CDT - Using BUSINESS CALENDAR 2 didn't fix the problem

Resetting the default calendar app didn't fix the problem

ActiveSync : Public Calendar - 12:31am Jun 16, 2018 CDT - I can see private and public calendar when I login to Webmail

The application let me to select many calendars : one of this is the MDaemon public calendar (ActiveSync)

Consider it worked before installation of v18.0.2

ActiveSync : Public Calendar - 02:49am Jun 20, 2018 CDT - I'm not able to see on my Samsung S5 the public calendar.

I can see:

  • private contacts
  • public contacts
  • private calendar

    MDaemon 18.0.2


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