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Actvie Sync causes Outlook to Freeze - 02:10pm Jul 28, 2021 CDT - So this started pretty much since we install activesync a few months ago. They were just using IMAP before but it wasn't always listing all the emails in the folder.

I cleaned that stuck email...

Actvie Sync causes Outlook to Freeze - 01:10pm Jul 23, 2021 CDT - Hi Arron.

I will check on all of these. To answer a few

1) yes it is fully synced (been setup for 4 months now)

2) when it freezes its not using a lot of memory or cpu usage that much I know...

Actvie Sync causes Outlook to Freeze - 05:44pm Jul 29, 2021 CDT - Hello,

Got a client who was running MDaemon 15 (Old post here Ryan Bregler, "MDaemon 15 IMAP issues" #, 3 Feb 2021 2:06 pm ) and we upgraded to V20 shortly after and just upgraded to V21. The one client who uses the ActiveSync it causes Outlook to Freeze multiple times a day. Totally Random...

MDaemon 15 IMAP issues - 06:50pm Mar 4, 2021 CDT - So ended up upgrading them to the latest version of MDaemon and also added Active Sync since the features of it were things they wanted.

I did notice that before I did all of this i archived about 20 gigs of emails (he has about 60 now) and on the old version it seemed to run better.

Thanks for the help tho...

Importing files form PST to activesync? - 08:19am Mar 2, 2021 CDT - So it looks like it is not possible to import from a PST file to a connection using activesync? Had a client that I had just moved to active sync and they had accidently moved files to their archive PST and couldn't move them back. I had to move all those newer email to a different PST to get them out of the archive folder and then add the email using IMAP to import them...


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