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Updating Contacts Active Sync - 06:49pm Jul 28, 2022 CDT - Hi Guys,

So got an issue that I keep forgetting to ask about because well its only affecting me on our own server lol. I have an Android 11 Phone, MDaemon 21.5.2, and my account added as Exchange under accounts on my phone. My contacts all show up...

Active Sync - Drafts only per PC? - 12:44pm May 31, 2022 CDT - Ok gotcha. Again Outlook 2019. So looks like there are limitations to AS vs OC...

Active Sync - Drafts only per PC? - 11:38am May 24, 2022 CDT - Sorry for late reply.

Ok yea we got 21.5.1 and yea it is showing as 14.1 on my android 11 phone and 14 on Outlook 2019.

But thanks that answers a lot...

Active Sync - Drafts only per PC? - 12:44pm May 31, 2022 CDT - We have both OC and AS, and I am liking AS more than OC (I always have weird little issues with it personally). Well the one thing I have noticed is that for Drafts it is only on the PC only and is not synced. Is there a settings to allow it or is this a limitation of AS?..

World Client not Working - 11:47am May 8, 2022 CDT - Yea that was it. Server just needed to reboot.


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