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Javier Meilán Deus

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Rule with MACRO - 01:44am Aug 23, 2022 CDT - Yes but, not work.

but I think there must be something in the script that I send to execute, I am reviewing the process. If I find any error I will report it...

Rule with MACRO - 01:44am Aug 23, 2022 CDT - Hi,
Can someone give me a hand with a rule of mail.

I have a rule that executes a program that receives two arguments


F:\Mdaemon\CFilter\Attachments\retos\Ficheros vbs\PBD.exe $SUBJECT$ $SENDER$

The rule is working, because in the log I can see how the exe is executed.

The problem is in the $SBJECT$, if it contains spaces, it doesn't pass it to me as a single text string...

Edit Rules in Web - 03:09pm Apr 20, 2022 CDT - any ideas??

Edit Rules in Web - 03:36pm Apr 20, 2022 CDT - Hi, we saw some problems in the mail's rules; when we want to edit this rule in website:

Apply this rule to messages in the LOCAL & REMOTE queue

If the FROM HEADER Contains 'mbuzon@commcenter.es'
... then header - search and replace "From","mbuzon@commcenter.es","654@commcenter.es","0,1"

if i want to edit this rule and change this condition :“If the FROM HEADER Contains" by “is equal to" or another one ,it does not change anything.

by other hand i have checked aswell that if i change to “is equal to” it doesn't work and i think that looks for the FROM exactly , in this case the FROM is: "Mª DOLORES MILAGROS BUZON SARM" <mbuzon@commcenter.es>

don't you think that it must search only the mail?: <mbuzon@commcenter.es>

I think it should only look for the mail because it is what interests us to create the actions of the rules

if not ,how can we add the name of the user in the rule?..

Add Gruop in APP Config - 02:10am Mar 30, 2022 CDT - I will try it and comment it in the mdaemon beta group


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