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Andreas Bader

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Popupless Webinterface - 03:08pm May 26, 2021 CDT -

Hello together,


Is it possible to use the “lookout” or “worldclient” Webinterface without any popups when creating a new Email or adding a new Task / Contact / etc (like the mobile Interface) or is it on the roadmap to realize this?




Thanks for any information 😊




Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Andreas Bader


anba it-consulting

Oberes Hardtfeld 15

89312 Günzburg


Mobil: 01 60 / 8 84 18 08

Email: a.bader@anba-it.de


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MD 20 - Mobile Design - Prevent Interface to open Pop-Ups & Choose Send From - 08:15am Jul 27, 2020 CDT -

first at all i will say Thank You for the new Mobile-Theme in MD20.
its a big step in the right direction for the user expierience.
but at all i have 2 questions:
- on mobile devices the interface doensnt open any new tabs and is popup-less. on Browsers like Chrome or Firefox it will open popup when compose new mail or add an calender entry. Is it possible to use the "Mobile Version" on browsers?..


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