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Abel Herrera

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When adding a rule for Warning to the top - 10:51am Aug 27, 2020 CDT - Hello,
I tried to modify my warning external banner but now everytime that I save the rule it change the "Add a Warning..." for "Sign with private key..." I tried to create a new rule but still the same. What could be causing this and how to fix it?

Thank you!..

Update to version 20 - 01:21pm Jun 26, 2020 CDT - Hello,
To do the update to the new version 20 do I need to full download Mdaemon mail server and install it over my current installation?
The new version does not show up in Remote Admin website neither by searching for updates using the Mdaemon Configuration.
I have 19.5.5 with active license...

Mdaemon 19.5.5 Local and Remote queue stuck - 10:16am Apr 7, 2020 CDT - After few days I patched the server with the 19.5.5 version I am having an issue almost everyday. The server do not release emails, all of them get stuck in local and remote queues.
In the logs the only I can see is:
In SMTP (in): Error or timeout during Spam Filter processing
Antispam.log shows many entries like this: c:\mdaemon\queues\temp\md50000003188.tmp
Nothing in antivirus log...


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