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Dan Peek

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Migration to new server with fresh install - 10:14am Mar 11, 2020 CDT - David, Thank you for the excellent instructions! One more question, is there a file that contains my mailing list configurations?



Migration to new server with fresh install - 11:30am Mar 12, 2020 CDT - Hello,
I need to move our existing MDaemon server installation to a new server. We have been running the current server installation for many years through numerous version updates. I have read the KB articles on how to do this...

Worldclient memory usage - 10:01am Oct 21, 2019 CDT - Arron,
Looks like the latest fix did the trick! I did not want to respond immediately after I tested it. I have monitored it over the last couple of days and the memory use has been very consistently reasonable...

Worldclient memory usage - 06:41pm Oct 15, 2019 CDT - Arron,

New dumps with the requested logs have been uploaded.


Worldclient memory usage - 04:40pm Oct 15, 2019 CDT - Sorry Arron. I did not see your last post before I ran the test.



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