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Content Filter REGEX now case sensitive in 18.0.2 - 02:19pm Aug 10, 2018 CDT - You're right. The testing tool is case sensitive but the actual content filtering isn't.
I'm pretty sure that in previous versions of MDaemon the testing tool was also case insensitive...

Content Filter REGEX now case sensitive in 18.0.2 - 07:10am Aug 13, 2018 CDT - So I made a Content Filter rule to look for the regular expression in the Subject Line:

.* abc

and it found a match with 123 abc but not 123 abC

Is this a bug or is there a config setting to choose between case sensitive/insensitive?

Or maybe I'm doing something wrong.


Dynamic Screening - no DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM - 10:12am Apr 26, 2018 CDT - DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM is broken again in Version 18.0.0 !!

Is this something that can be fixed in a future version?

OK, as you were everybody...

Dynamic Screening - no DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM - 07:37am Oct 27, 2017 CDT - Arron,

Thanks for that. I can't see from the Release Notes for 17.5.1 that this has been restored yet so I'll hold off upgrading.


Dynamic Screening - no DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM - 06:25pm Apr 26, 2018 CDT - If I get an email with a high spam score or a positive from ClamAV I use the Content Filter to create a DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM file with the senders IP address to blacklist it for 20 minutes.
This semaphore file is no longer supported in the 17.5.0
Can you please add this back in the next release or, better still, make a Content Filter action to add a senders IP address to Dynamic Screening?


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