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Remote Administration - Content Filter - Rules - 04:58am Nov 16, 2021 CDT - Hello all

Content Filter / Rules, blank screen (attached picture). MDaemon is v21.5.
Only me?..

Upgrade to v21.5, indexing error - 07:40am Nov 11, 2021 CDT -

Deleting MRKs did the job.
Thanks Arron

On 10.11.2021. 22:18, Arron Caruth wrote:
 > This can happen when the index is invalid, for whatever reason...

Upgrade to v21.5, indexing error - 05:15pm Nov 10, 2021 CDT -

 > This can happen when the index is invalid, for whatever reason.
In every single folder in the mailstore? At once?..

Upgrade to v21.5, indexing error - 10:57am Nov 11, 2021 CDT - Hi

Just upgraded to 21.5. Everything seems to be working normally, but going through the logs I've noticed in MdMbSrch-2021-11-10.log, repeating for every newly received message, something like this

211110 212239119 D [00037FE2] 0x41522000 New Message: [deva@wbm.rs]/md5001000026663.msg
211110 212239120 I [00037FE2] 0x41522002 Indexing Message: [deva@wbm.rs]/md5001000026663.msg
211110 212239826 W [00037FE2] 0x8007000D The data is invalid.

Anyone else seeing this?..

Outlook unresponsive - 08:53am Sep 28, 2021 CDT - Hello everyone

I have an odd problem with one of my users. Seemingly at random Outlook
starts Refreshing endlessly, gets sluggish,... It is working, but it's
pretty much unusable...


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