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DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM minutes to block - 07:57am Oct 20, 2021 CDT - Hi,

For a long time I've used the Content Filter to create a DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM file in the App folder so MDaemon will block an IP address for a number of minutes if it has sent spam.
The format I use is:-
IP address(space)number of minutes
For example:- 30
In the latest version of MDaemon I have noticed that this still works but the number of minutes to block is ignored. The actual number of minutes looks to be set by the values entered in the Auth Failure Tracking tab of the Dynamic Screening window where I have set all 4 values to 20 minutes...

Antivirus not picking up viruses when "Refuse To Accept Message..." isn't selected - 01:22pm Sep 3, 2020 CDT - Thank is for the info.
It's a pity there isn't this option with ClamAV because to refuse a message means you have to trust the antivirus to always get it right. By using the Content Filter to process emails marked as a virus allows you to monitor how good various signatures are, create exceptions and restore false positives...

Antivirus not picking up viruses when "Refuse To Accept Message..." isn't selected - 08:36am Sep 23, 2020 CDT - Hi,

I've been testing Version 20 with some ClamAV 3rd party signatures and an email matching a signature is blocked if "Refuse to accept messages that are infected with virus" is selected but the same email doesn't get picked up by later scanning when this isn't selected. I didn't have anything to test if this was also true for Cyren.
I don't think I've missed anything with the configuration...


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