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Andrea Sartori

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Mdaemon 20 + Activesync + Outlook Android - 01:36pm Sep 3, 2020 CDT - Hello,
I have 2 problems with the combination:
Mdaemon 20 + Activesync + Outlook Android

1)After upgrade to mdaemon 20, with some smartphones,Outlook keep ask for username and password every few hours. Passwords are correct. With other client like nine, no problem...

Activesync and Mdaemon 19.5.4 - 08:33am Feb 13, 2020 CDT - deleted accounts from mobile phones and re-created. Now email syncs are working.
Now shared calendar are working...

Activesync and Mdaemon 19.5.4 - 07:03pm Feb 16, 2020 CDT - Hello, i upgraded to lastest Mdaemon version
We use Outlook for Android.
Now emails,calendar and search wont Sync.
Anyone can help me?



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