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Count recipients and/or copy "cc" to "bcc" - 08:55am Sep 8, 2021 CDT - Hello,
we've got team members who sometimes send out mails like "I will be out office ..." to a dozens of our customers, but instead of sending it by "BCC", they "CC" it (sigh). So they are like shouting out loud our customer list.

So I wonder, if it's possible to count the number of recipients in the cc - field and then either
a) decline forwarding it (and send an info back to the sender); or/and
b) copy cc to bcc (and send an info back to the sender)...

Log of Sent Attachments and Received Attachments - 03:01am Sep 8, 2021 CDT - Hello Aron,
great, perfect! That's exactly what I need: easy to implement, easy to change, no additional software needed. Perfect!..

Log of Sent Attachments and Received Attachments - 03:01am Sep 8, 2021 CDT - Hi,
does anybody know how to write a log-file of all attachments sent and received? The fields might be:
From, To, Date/Time, Name of Attachment, Size of Attachment

Best regards

Published calendar does not show up for some users - 01:16am Jun 24, 2020 CDT - Hi,
we've got a strange behaviour (MDaemon + MDaemon OC Connector + Outlook2013 on a Terminalserver Win 2016):

We have a meeting room, which we manage by having a user (named "MeetingRoom") and that user publishes his calendar.
Now some of us can see that calendar, but some don't. We do so since years, but we seem to have a problem with new users we set up...

Login to WorldClientis now without Admin possibilities - 05:58am Jul 5, 2019 CDT - Hi,
anybody has got any idea what I might try?

Best regards


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