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MDaemon Connector Outlook 2010/2013/2016 - 06:56pm Mar 7, 2019 CDT - Hello,

I always have problems with the MDaemon Connector under Microsoft Outook

When installing or migrating to MDaemon Connector i have problems.

- Under Outlook / MDaemon Connector AddON the icons SPAM and NOSPAM not
- Under Outlook / Contacts the MDaemon contacts not displayed
- Under Outlook / Calendar, the MDaemon calendars not displayed
- Shared folders not displayed

The MDaemon progress bar indicates the transmission of Shared Folder /
Contacts / Calendar, but these folders are not available in Outlook...

MDaemon MDPGP - 12:46pm Aug 9, 2018 CDT - Hello Jared,

> Does this problem affect all recipients or only some of them?
The problem only exists with external servers such as Microsoft Exchange
or other e-mail servers.

> When you say "remote stations", are you referring to remote machines used by local recipients, or are you referring to machines used by external non-MDaemon recipients?..

MDaemon MDPGP - 05:06pm Aug 14, 2018 CDT - Hello,

I have activated MDPGP.

I have not deposited a PGP key for this recipient, so will
the e-mail sent unencrypted. Now we have the problem
E-mails do not arrive at the remote stations at all or arrive late...

ActiveSync E-Mail Attachment - 05:59pm Jul 21, 2018 CDT - Am 19.07.2018 um 17:35 schrieb Leigh Cain (Leigh.Cain@mdaemon.com):

Hello Leigh,

> Have you tested to see if you see this same error when on a
> platform/device other than Android using the same account? For example,
> on a desktop with IMAP or WorldClient?

- Worldclient -> ok

- MDaemon Connector -> ok

- Nine for Android (4.2.3) on Andoird Tablet with e-mail address 1
        > Send error (attachment too large)

- Nine for Android (4.2.3) under Tablet with E-Mail adress 2
        > Send error (Attachment too big)

- Nine for Andorid Smartphone (4.2.3) with e-mail address 1 & 2
        > Send error (attachment too large)

- Nine for Andorid Version 4.1.8 with E-Mail address 1 & 2
        > Send error (Attachment too big)

- Nine for Andorid Version 4.1.9 with E-Mail address 1 & 2
        > Send error (Attachment too big)

The attachment is a photo with 233KB and i have tested PDF and XLXS...

ActiveSync E-Mail Attachment - 08:33am Jul 30, 2018 CDT - Hello,

I always get when sending e-mails with attachment (PDF, JPG)
the message transmission failed, file too big.
It does not matter how big the attachment is.

MDameon 18.0.2
Nine for Android

I also have the same problem with TypeApp for Android...


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