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Issue With Message Recall To Local Users - 05:49pm Feb 11, 2021 CDT - Thanks Aaron


Issue With Message Recall To Local Users - 05:49pm Feb 11, 2021 CDT - Hi, We have "Do not defer messages if recipient has a mailbox on this server" enabled for Message Recall but when an email is sent to more than one local user it ends up in the "Deferred queue". We are using MDaemon v21 release and Outlook 2019 with MDaemon Connector.


HTML Client Signature - 10:27pm Jul 7, 2020 CDT - Hi, The company we previously used to add our corporate signatures via a smarthost stoppped offering that service at the end of last month so I have had to cobble together an HTML signature in MDaemon. I have a couple of standard bits of HTML using MDaemon macros for DDI and mobile number's for each client signature which works ok. I hit an issue when the users forward/reply to a plain text email then the signature comes through as code...

"Mailbox already in use" when trying to change Mailbox domain - 10:06pm Jul 7, 2020 CDT - Hi, I'm trying to change the mailbox domain for one of our users from a secondary email domain to our primary one but I get an unhelpful "Mailbox already in use" error in the Configuration Session. In Web Admin I can change the domain and hit Apply or "Save and Close" without an error but it doesn't actually do anything. As a test I tried changing the domain on a shared mailbox and it worked ok...


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